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What the Heck Is So Special About CBD Oil from Hemp?

About CBD Oil

Learn about CBD Oil from Hemp and its many great health benefits.

You can barely watch the news or pull up a social media page without some horrifying drug-related story splashing across the screen. That’s a huge reason why America is so divided about CBD Oil, and the marijuana issue. We’re not just talking about general recreational use here, as multiple scientific studies have proven that cannabis plants provide serious solutions to chronic illnesses and cellular diseases. Of course, some parts of the plant are far more potent than others. This is specifically true about CBD Oil (Cannabidiol), derived from both hemp and marijuana, and when it comes to treating health conditions, Hemp-based CBD is winning by a field goal. In fact you can learn more about companies that offer the best hemp CBD that is legal in all 50 states in a report we published HERE

What’s the Difference About CBD Oil From Marijuana and Hemp?

The three original types of Cannabis, especially sativa, are believed to be among the planet’s oldest cultivated crops, so it makes sense there are multiple uses for the plants. Cannabis has been recorded throughout history as a living holy grail for creating food, fuel, fiber, medicine, and of course, its mind-altering effects. Marijuana, the oily leaves from the Cannabis plant, is the most commonly known usage in modern society. The buds of the female plant secrete oil which is absorbed by the leaves. Male plants can be smoked as well, but they’re usually far weaker than the female versions.

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Current strains of marijuana contain up to 30% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the main ingredient responsible for the “high” feeling received by the user. While not an “addictive” substance to the effect of alcohol or opioids, THC still has psychoactive properties (cannabinoid) which change brain chemistry in high or repetitive doses. Although THC is the primary chemical compound in marijuana, it’s actually only one of 80 recognized cannabinoids.

Hemp does not contain illegal amounts of THC… Therefore CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states

Hemp, on the other hand, is highly cultivated in the western hemisphere for its fiber-like qualities. Used in rope, fabrics, oils, and medicinal ointments, the substance only has trace amounts of THC – less than 1% on average. This makes hemp non-psychoactive and non-addictive in any form. It’s important to understand that while marijuana is not hemp and hemp is not marijuana, both forms of the Cannabis plant have benefits on their own. However, Hemp-based CBD (oil) is a highly effective solution for multiple issues without the worries or concerns of habitual, mind-altering, or intoxicating properties, and, because hemp does not contain illegal amounts of THC it’s legal in all 50 states..

What Ailments Does Hemp CBD Help Treat and Correct?

For the past two to three decades, Cannabis indica has been so heavily bred for its high levels of THC that much of the CBD has been completely bred out of modern strains. Of course, with the popularity and newly found benefits of hemp, more and more growers and scientists across 30 countries are opting to correct that mistake. Simple hemp oil made from seeds is not the same as CBD and should not be confused as such. While the oil may have some benefits, it doesn’t contain the powerful properties as true Cannabidiol.

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As richer CBD strains return in nature, research shows remarkable health benefits from products made from the industrial hemp oil. Tests on mice via Imperial College in London has shown a 50% reduction in inflammation. Cardiologists at Hebrew University discovered that CBD taken right after a heart attack led to a 66% infarct (dead tissue surrounding the heart) size reduction. What about diabetes? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a potentially safe and effective cure for one of the main killers in America? Well, a notable study tested a control panel of type-1 diabetes mice on and off of CBD and found that the substance not only prevented onset of the disease, but blocked it altogether.

So then is Hemp-based CBD a miracle cure? No plant in any form will instantly reverse cellular or chronic illness. However, with the current research and more on its way, it seems as though hemp is a true powerhouse in the right doses. The $500 million American Hemp Industry continues to grow thanks to powerful and effective products that have been clinically tested in and outside of the borders. And since big agriculture companies like Monsato haven’t shown any interest in GMO Cannabis control, it’s hopeful they never will. What’s the harm in trying Hemp-based CBD products for your needs?

If you’d like to learn more about companies offering quality hemp derived CBD products for sale and delivered legally to your door in all 50 states…Check out our research report on this HERE

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