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Put down the energy drinks and try these energy boosting hacks!

It can be hard to focus on the foods you eat when you’re juggling life’s responsibilities. Work, family, and life in general can leave you feeling drained stressed and depleted. But you should never ignore the foods you put in your body as your diet is what causes you to either have energy or feel drained and lethargic.

The energy we have comes from what we use to fuel our bodies. There are three main energy sources that our bodies use, that is proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So try these energy boosting hacks today.

Carbs are the first thing your body uses for fuel, then fat, then protein. That being said, it is important to make sure you are taking in the right carbs! Complex carbohydrates such as high-fiber cereals, whole-grain bread and also pasta, dried beans, and starchy vegetables are the best type of foods for prolonged energy because they are digested at a slow, consistent rate. They also stabilize your blood sugar and make you feel less hungry.

Other important stables in the energy increasing diet should be proteins like chicken, turkey, pork tenderloin, and fish along with legumes and a moderate amount of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like avocados, seeds, nuts, and healthy oils.

Staying hydrated is also essential for sustained energy. Water is necessary for a whole host of functions in your body like digestion and absorption of nutrients, those energy increasing complex carbs only go so far if your body doesn’t absorb the nutrients! Plus dehydration can cause a major lack of energy, so be sure to get six to eight glasses of water every day.

Keeping a schedule
Scheduling your meals properly is also very important for sustained energy, try to have three meals and three snacks throughout the day, and try not to go too long without eating something, if you allow yourself to become too hungry you can overeat. Be sure to try and incorporate a full array of nutrients in each meal (eg. protein, carbohydrates, fats).

Scrap the crap
You should avoid simple carbohydrates like sugary beverages, candy, cookies and so on. They do provide energy, but only for a short period, and then result in a subsequent crash.

Did you eat your fruits and veggies?
At the expense of sounding like an annoying parent, consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day is very helpful for energy production. Fruits and vegetables will provide your body with the nutrients you need for sustained energy.

So if you want to feel more energized throughout the day, try some of these energy boosting hacks  and see if they don’t have you feeling better and more productive than ever!

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