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Using Marijuana to Ease Period Pain (PMS)

marijuana to ease period pain


Half of the world’s population has to deal with periods at some point, and a large portion of them suffer from debilitating pain during menstruation. Although using medical marijuana for nausea and conventional pain relief is becoming commonplace, utilizing marijuana to ease period pain has generally been considered a taboo area. However, new business ventures such as Foria Relief and Whoopi Goldberg’s Whoopi & Maya are branching out in an attempt to make period pain more manageable. Can marijuana products truly ease period pain? Is there a legal alternative derived from hemp?

Medical marijuana to ease period pain come in many forms, from bath soaks to chocolates and body lotions. Most include a carefully tested balance between cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two main components of marijuana that can lead to pain relief and feelings of relaxation. A higher level of THC is used to counteract the nerve pain whilst a lower level of CBD acts to stop inflammation.

Products like Foria Relief (a small suppository that is inserted into the vagina), and cannabis body lotions, interact specifically with pelvic muscles to provide relief from cramps and period pain that make the monthly cycle such a nightmare for many women. The many different forms that these products can take are among their biggest strengths. Many women who wouldn’t be interested in smoking marijuana or consuming edible products can still find relief from period pain through a powder soak that can be infused into a bath, a body lotion to be applied onto the affected area, edible raw chocolates, or tinctures that can be mixed into your preferred drink.

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Although these products are fairly new on the market, the reviews are glowing. They are easy to use and effectively treat period pain for the majority of reported users. Many people have also testified to their positive effects on pelvic pain that doesn’t arise specifically from menstruation, such as in endometriosis, birth, or post-IUD insertion.

Some worry that these period pain relievers are inaccessible to young women or people averse to using drugs because of their marijuana content. However, these products reduce period discomfort without bringing on the psychotropic high that most people associate with marijuana, so they can still be useful for sufferers who don’t want to experience a drug high. They appear to strike the happy medium between counteracting pain and remaining usable for people who might usually be put off by the idea of medical marijuana use.

Many women who do not want to use CBD that contains THC are turning to the legal alternative derived from Hemp. CBD derived from hemp is showing to be just as effective as that from marijuana but because it is zero THC it can be delivered to any home in the United States. Right now, without a medical marijuana card. Learn more here.

Marijuana to ease period pain are an exciting innovation in the field of medical marijuana. With increasing availability, it is becoming possible to alleviate period cramps by taking a relaxing bath with a marijuana bath soak, nibbling on some medical chocolate, or rubbing a comforting lotion onto the aching muscles. Period pain doesn’t have to be a taboo area as these products are becoming the front line medical solution to the monthly pains of menstruation.

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