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Using Hemp CBD for Healthy Hair?

CBD for healthy hair


CBD for Healthy hair

We all want soft, glossy, strong hair. Unfortunately, plenty of factors can get in the way of you getting the Rapunzel-style locks of your dreams. Whether it’s genetics, weather factors, or hard water standing against you, there is another way to get the healthy hair that you want. The answer is Cannabidiol, or CBD, a helpful cannabinoid that comes from hemp and cannabis plants. Now, if you’re shaking your head about the idea of getting high to help your hair, then you’re missing an essential part of the equation. CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won’t get you high or mess with your day-to-day mental state. You can take CBD in a variety of forms including tinctures, oils, and supplements to get yourself the best head of hair you’ve ever seen.

How does it help?

Hemp, and the CBD that comes from it, in particular, is absolutely packed with vitamin E and fatty acids. They work to protect your scalp from weather damage and act as an emollient so that your hair doesn’t lose water and become dry or brittle. The components of CBD will also help to moisturize your hair and scalp so that they are never itchy, irritated, or dried out. At the same time, it helps to protect keratin, which is what your hair is mostly made up of, so that your new hair growth is healthy, strong, and resistant to breakage.

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What problems will it solve?

The highly moisturizing properties of CBD on hair will help to counteract dryness in your hair. This is particularly helpful if you live in a hot climate where the sun is always beating down your locks, or also in winter when the combination of cool weather and indoor heating will strip your hair of its natural shine.

These moisturizing properties are also perfect for people suffering from problems with dandruff, which is essentially a flaky scalp issue. As CBD shampoos and oils offer extra moisture to both the hair and the scalp, they can help to protect from the flaking that leaves you with unsightly white spots all over your head, shoulders, and the back of your clothes. The healthy fatty acids in CBD will also generally leave your hair more glossy and vibrant, so it can be the perfect solution if your locks are generally looking dull and lifeless.

How can I use it?

You can warm up a few teaspoons of hemp CBD oil and massage it into the roots of your hair for soft, supple locks that will shine for days after you rinse it out. You can also skip the middle man and simply use a CBD shampoo and conditioner which will provide your hair with the perfect amount of moisturization and protection from the elements. There is even some evidence that ingesting CBD, in general, can be good for your hair, in which case a wide variety of CBD treats like supplements, chocolates, and gummy sweets could help out your locks. Learn what companies offer the best CBD products and prices in an article we published here.

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