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The Paleo Diet On Steriods! Meet The Whole30 Program

The newest arrival on the health and lifestyle scene is the 30 day detox diet, the Whole30. Cutting out everything except vegetables, meat and fruit, with a few exceptions, the Whole30 promotes a harsher paleo approach to nutrition. The benefits, however, make the program seem miraculous and more than worth the difficulties. Both founders and users of the Whole30 program list benefits that seem to encompass a wide spectrum from curing bad eating habits to curing diabetes, helping people to throw off psychological as well as physical complications.

The psychology of bad food

Psychological issues with food are widely experienced, and though the Whole30 is more often used by people with physical ailments looking for answers, quite a few people look into it for the psychological benefits. Food addiction, sugar cravings and mood eating affect most people at some point or another. The Whole30 claims it can change a person’s relationship with food and break bad habits. And with the program’s strict attitude towards cheating, you learn either to abide by the rules or to give up in your attempt.

However, it isn’t only attitudes to food that the Whole30 tries to change, it’s your attitude about health. While on the program, you aren’t allowed to weigh yourself or take any body measurements. The point is to listen to your body and learn to associate health with attitudes as well as behaviors. Eat as much as you want, but mostly as much as you need, and the weight will take care of itself, advocates say. The program wants you to disassociate food and health from shifting, shallow cultural beauty ideals and wants to give you back your body with a whole new appreciation for it.

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How and why it’s working for some

A large proportion of Whole30 users start the program because of health issues. There is still so much about the body that medicine can’t cure and doesn’t have the answers for. Allergies and food intolerances don’t always show up conventionally and testing for all of them is impossible. The Whole30 strips your diet, detoxes your body and resets it so that you have a neutral base to work from. This allows you to discover the individualities of your body and its needs.

The beauty of the Whole30 is what it offers. More energy, better sleep, clearer focus, these are just the basic benefits. People have reported lowered cholesterol, the cure of diabetes, skin conditions disappearing and general weight loss. The best part is that the program is meant only for 30 days. It is not a lifestyle overhaul, though for many people it becomes the start of one. It is merely a program that gives you new habits, experience with healthy eating and a basis for choosing the best lifestyle for your needs.

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