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The Effectiveness of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety

Hemp-derived CBD Oil


Hemp-derived CBD Oil

Hemp-derived CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states, according to U.S. Federal law. Researchers have studied its benefits as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of numerous conditions, including anxiety. The research has shown that CBD oil could be effective for the treatment of anxiety, making it an alternative to expensive prescription pharmaceuticals.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

The research has shown positive effects of CBD oil for individuals who suffer from social anxiety. A 2011 study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that when people experiencing social anxiety disorder consumed CBD oil orally, their anxiety levels decreased significantly compared to when they were given a placebo. The study results also showed that the CBD oil created changes in brain activity that are believed to reduce anxiety.

Impact of CBD Oil during Anxiety-Provoking Situations

CBD oil could reduce anxiety during stressful circumstances. A study in a 1993 edition of the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that participants experienced less anxiety after a public speaking simulation when they took CBD oil.

CBD Oil and Physiological Responses to Anxiety

CBD oil might have a positive impact on individuals with anxiety because of its ability to weaken the physiological response to stressful situations. A 2017 study in the scientific journal JCI Insight found that individuals had lower blood pressure after undergoing a mental stress test when they took CBD.

Effectiveness of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil in Children

Children might be able to benefit from the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD oil. Researchers for a 2016 edition of the Permanente Journal conducted a case study with a female child who suffered from sexual abuse and neglect during early childhood. The child was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and was experiencing anxiety. After five months of treatment with CBD oil, the child experienced a decrease in anxiety and an improvement in sleep without any side effects.

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As these study results suggest, CBD oil is safe and effective, even for children. Additional research has shown that Hemp-derived CBD oil is safe, as a 2012 study in Current Pharmaceutical Design found that it did not produce any significant behavioral or physiological side effects. Patients who are suffering from anxiety can therefore experiment with CBD oil without worrying about side effects or any dangerous consequences. CBD oil shows promise for individuals who are struggling with anxiety and is a natural option for those who do not want to take prescription medications to treat their symptoms.

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