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The CBD Weight Loss Benefit

CBD Weight Loss


CBD Weight Loss

A common stereotype about cannabis is that it makes people hungry, leading them to overeat and making it difficult for weight loss. And it’s true that some cannabis-based medicines are prescribed to stimulate the appetite. You may think, then, that cannabis is not compatible with weight loss, but you’d be wrong. It turns out that, while some cannabinoids encourage eating and weight gain, others have exactly the opposite effect.

CBD can support weight loss

For people struggling with their weight, the solution may be cannabidiol, or CBD. Although CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it lacks the psychoactive effects that are found THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It also lacks the appetite-stimulating effects of THC, and in fact, may reduce the desire to overeat. Recently, researchers have found that CBD can support weight loss efforts by working in multiple ways, from boosting metabolism to changing the composite of your individual fat cells. As millions of people are faced with the crisis of obesity, CBD is proving to have incredible weight loss benefits.

Changing Your Body’s Fat Cells with CBD

One of the most exciting areas of research into CBD and weight loss is in the area of fat “browning.” Simply put, white adipose (fat) tissue stores excess energy, while brown adipose tissue burns energy. Brown fat acts almost like a muscle, burning calories even when you’re not moving, and increasing the proportion of brown fat has been shown to fight obesity. Typically, brown fat is only produced when people are in very cold temperatures or do very strenuous exercise.

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Now, there’s exciting evidence that CBD helps to create this brown fat. A 2016 study found that CBD actively promotes the browning of white adipocytes (fat cells) and recommends further study into its use for preventing obesity. The research into CBD’s potential for fat browning and weight loss is still in its early stages, but its therapeutic use looks promising. In the meantime, it seems that people who use CBD for one of its many other purposes may get a welcome side effect.

Treating Inflammation with CBD for Weight Loss Success

Study after study shows that cannabidiol has potent anti-inflammatory properties.That’s why CBD is recommended for people experiencing inflammation-based disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. CBD fights inflammation in a number of ways and has been prescribed to patients by medical marijuana practitioners for years.

What many people don’t know is that inflammation also causes weight gain. Recent research into this relationship shows that inflammation affects the hormone leptin, disrupting the metabolism and hunger mechanism. This leads to overeating, as people are unable to accurately judge their own satiety, and to a lower resting metabolic rate. CBD can help to minimize that inflammation, allowing leptin to work efficiently. This restores your metabolism and returns your appetite to a manageable level.

Fighting Anxiety with CBD also Fights Fat

The anti-anxiety properties of cannabidiol are well known, but science suggests the effects may go far beyond feeling better. In many people, anxiety can lead to overeating and weight gain. In fact, a study done by American Psychological Association found that up to 40% of Americans use overeating to cope with everyday stress.

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CBD works to fight the anxiety, minimizing the compulsion to mindlessly snack or overindulge. People who eat to deal with stress can instead turn to CBD, a calorie-free choice for improved mental health. CBD is also useful for treating acute anxiety, which then allows patients to seek the psychological treatment that they need, rather than self-medicating with food.

CBD Leads to Better Sleep and Weight Loss

Another well-known benefit of CBD is its promotion of restful, healing sleep. People suffering from sleep disorders often find that consuming cannabidiol shortly before bed helps them go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. And better sleep thanks to CBD means faster weight loss.

Getting a good night’s sleep leads to an improved metabolic rate, which means your body burns more calories at every moment of the day. One study showed that people who got enough sleep had a resting metabolism that was 5% higher than their sleep-deprived counterparts. Getting enough sleep also prevents overeating, as people often turn to food to cope with tiredness. Using CBD to improve your sleep can shrink the number of calories you consume each day, ultimately shrinking your waistline.

Research into CBD for weight loss is still a new subject, but scientists and doctors are optimistic. Not only does CBD directly influence your metabolism and fat cells, it also improves other areas of your life that influence your eating habits. So if you’re struggling with your weight, consider cannabidiol to help you get back in control.

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