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The CBD Oil and Leukemia link you should know about

CBD Oil and Leukemia

We look at the link between CBD Oil and Leukemia

Chemotherapy and radiation are currently the best “Big Pharma” solutions for killing the cancerous cells in the human body, but at what cost? Certainly at a 67% success rate, it’s hard to argue that these treatments aren’t effective, and they are getting better all the time. But, maybe it’s time you learn more about the CBD Oil and Leukemia link that can also potentially aid in this fight?

Is there a connection between CBD Oil and Leukemia? Well, there is but you won’t hear about it in many modern medical facilities. Researchers and scientists know the secret, however, and it’s time the rest of the world does as well. After all, if a few drops daily of a legal, safe, and affordable substance could reverse leukemia – one of the most deadly and painful types of cancer – wouldn’t it be better than the alternative? Big Pharma wants you to stay in the dark, but you and your loved ones deserve to know the truth… and the truth just may come from CBD (Cannabidiol) extracted from the Cannabis plant so read this important information below.

What Exactly is Leukemia and Who Does it Target?

First of all, it’s important to understand the implications of cancer in America alone. According to 2010-2012 health care statistics (view stats here), almost 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lives. The global number of cancer patients living with the cellular disease is expected to rise from 2014’s total of 14.5 million to 19 million by 2024. Cancer is more common in males, but it is highest in African American men. Over 1,685,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed just in 2016, and almost 596,000 will die from the disease.

There are currently 12 common types of fatal cancer in the U.S., and leukemia is one of them. To qualify for the list, the cancer in question had to accumulate at least 40,000 cases within the current year. This is not a list anyone wants to be a part of, especially children. And yet, leukemia doesn’t care. Unlike other forms of cancer that favor specific organs, leukemia develops in blood-forming tissue and bone marrow. There are three main types of leukemia, and while 65% of diagnosed patients are over the age of 55, acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) also target children – mostly between the ages of two and three. Almost 75% of annual leukemia cases fall into the ALL category.

How Is Leukemia Caused and Cured?

Cancer is a metabolic disease with genetic factors. This means the disease is more likely to occur if family members had it, but it can also be avoided or even cured if the proper steps are taken. Down syndrome and the lesser known Li-Fraumeni syndrome (caused by fluctuation in a tumor suppressor gene) are the main genetic causes of leukemia. Inherited immune issues may also lead to the disease in siblings or children. However, the most likely causes of leukemia are lifestyle and environmental-related.

Working with certain chemicals, smoking, high levels of radiation, living near energy fields, and previous treatment of chemotherapy or cancer-related radiation treatment are the most common causes of leukemia at any age. But isn’t chemotherapy supposed to kill cancer? It certainly kills cells… but the chemical cocktail itself is carcinogenic. Patients literally ingest a cancer-producing poison to kill the infected cells.

Why hasn’t medical science created a safe and effective cure by now? Well, there may be one, and it’s completely natural. The problem is that due to its availability, it can’t be sanctioned by big business. Cancer is a giant industry earning over $125 billion annually. Patients spend their life savings on a chance to beat the disease only to live an average of six months to a year after completing the treatment. Big Pharma doesn’t want to lose out on their big money maker, so why mention the other options that have been available since the beginning of time?

CBD Oil and Leukemia… Does it Really Work?

Cannabis is one of the oldest plants on the planet. Although personal accounts have insisted of its power, serious research is relatively new – spanning only decades within the Western world. Most of those studies have proven some type of healing abilities within the buds and leaves of the plant which contain excessive amounts of THC – the chemical known for marijuana’s “high”. Several problems exist here. While not as potent as other “legal” medications, THC-heavy cannabis has psychoactive qualities that make you “high”, and, repeated or excessive use of marijuana does change brain chemistry.

Add in the fact that medical marijuana is only legal in half of the U.S. states, and it’s pretty much a moot point at best for those who need immediate care outside of states where it’s legal. However, like most healing plants a little digging proved there’s more than what meets the eye. Cannabis plants naturally bred to have extremely low amounts of THC are labeled “Hemp”. The most commonly known use of Hemp is for its stringy, fibrous material used throughout the world for fabric, building materials, and now medicine. Hemp also contains oil (not to be confused with Hempseed oil used in foods) which research has proven contains absolutely no psychoactive qualities, meaning it can’t get you “high”. Probably the most important observation of the Hemp plant is it’s amazingly large concentrations of CBD (Cannabidiol), and this is the healing component of all Cannabis.

In addition, and this is the great part, there is basically zero THC contained in Hemp, and other than that, there is no difference between CBD extracted from marijuana or CBD extracted from Hemp… because they are both Cannabis plants.

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Unlike Marijuana – the smoked or otherwise consumed part of Cannabis, Hemp is legal worldwide – yes, even in states that still outlaw medical marijuana. But does CBD derived from Hemp hold its own against disease like THC-laden CBD from the Marijuana plant?

Major research over the past few years has shown it does just as well in many cases. Moreover, a 2013 study published in the Anticancer Research Journal identified the six main Cannabinoids in Hemp and discovered that each active component of  Hemp had anti-cancer effects on Leukemia whether combined or alone. Of course, when combined the effect was increased, literally killing the cells. This is incredible information as the CBD from Hemp is legally available in all 50 states.

Canada already knew the healing effects of Hemp based CBD  after a 2006 Leukemia case study on a 14-year-old girl. The US Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health published the study, and yet chemotherapy is still used as the primary treatment for cancer. Research has shown time and time again that continued use of Hemp-based Cannabidiol can send leukemia into remission stage within weeks if not days; whereas chemotherapy can take months or even years to see any type of improvement. And that’s always after a steady health decline. Would you rather flip a coin on your health or end up being around for dances, graduations, commitment ceremonies, and grandchildren?

Given all the information available, both scientific and anecdotal, it simply makes sense to give CBD Oil from Hemp a chance as it’s available, legal, and very affordable. In addition, CBD from Hemp has been shown to help with a myriad of other ailments as well, from common to more serious… like; chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, and nerve pain, neurological disorders and sleep disorders, inflammation and even heart disease.

Learn more about all of this in a previous report (View HERE) that is spreading like wildfire, and share all of this information with others of course!

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