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Tag Archives: hemp oil research

Plant-Based CBD for PTSD

Plant-based CBD

  A plant-based CBD treatment for PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that develops in people who have been traumatized. Military veterans, survivors of car accidents, and victims of assault are among the people who may ...

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The CBD Weight Loss Benefit

CBD Weight Loss

  CBD Weight Loss A common stereotype about cannabis is that it makes people hungry, leading them to overeat and making it difficult for weight loss. And it’s true that some cannabis-based medicines are prescribed to stimulate the appetite. You ...

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CBD for Acne: The interesting facts

CBD for acne

CBD and acne Anyone who’s ever had a pimple knows that they pop up the day before your big date or senior picture day. The best way to get a pimple is to schedule any important event. Wait for it. ...

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