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Tag Archives: cbd vs thc

Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN endorses CBD Oil.

CNN endorses CBD Oil

CBD Oil endorsed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN After many of his specials airing nationally on television, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN endorses CBD Oil, and is educating the public through his documentary series called “Weed” CBD from cannabis ...

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What is the Difference Between CBD and THC?


  The difference between CBD and THC If you’re new to the world of cannabis-based medicine, you may be wondering about some of the terminology used to discuss it. Two of the most commonly used terms when discussing cannabis products ...

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The CBD Answer For Anxiety Relief?

The CBD answer

  The CBD answer Anxiety can be troubling, even crippling. It can also be a mental health disorder that people suffer from for their entire lives. Day-to-day is a constant struggle with anxiety. Prescribed medications traditionally used to treat it ...

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CBD Oil and OCD – What you should know

CBD Oil abd OCD

  CBD Oil and OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – commonly abbreviated to “OCD” – is a common mental health condition that falls into the bracket of anxiety disorders. While the term “OCD” in general usage has become synonymous with a ...

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CBD vs. THC – Why CBD is More Beneficial


  The great new debate – CBD vs THC Science has done many great things for us, such as prying open ancient herbal remedies to find out what really makes them work. Armed with that knowledge, labs can make life-saving ...

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Using Hemp as a Remedy for Nicotine Addiction?

Some research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have value for people addicted to nicotine and hoping to break free. There is some irony here, however. One of the common arguments for the continued prohibition of most marijuana use in much ...

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The Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Health benefits of CBD Oil

What are the health benefits of CBD Oil? Over the past few decades, medical research has made clear that the cannabis plant has valuable health benefits. Much of those benefits derive from a certain chemical found in cannabis, known as ...

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Medical Marijuana Addiction Treatment – Does It Work?

Medical Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Medical Marijuana Addiction Treatment with Cannabidiol The cornerstone principle of just about every addiction treatment program is that no other intoxicating substances should be used by the person in recovery, even if those substances aren’t of the same category that ...

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