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Tag Archives: cbd side effects

CBD Treatment for Arthritis

CBD treatment for arthritis

  Treatment of arthritis with CBD While the medical community is researching the benefits and risks of CBD oil from the hemp plant, time is ticking away for people suffering from the degenerative, painful, or disabling effects of diseases such ...

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What’s the future of cannabis in America?

Cannabis in America

  Cannabis in America What’s the future of cannabis in America? If you had posed this question prior to the 2016 election, you might have come up with a different answer. Prior to the election, many states had legislation pending ...

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Can You Prevent Seizures with CBD?

Prevent seizures with CBD

  Prevent seizures with CBD Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a compound of the cannabis plant that has gone from obscurity to forging a new path to wellness for millions of ailing people around the world. Touted as having antipsychotic, ...

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CBD Oil and Psychosis…A New Breakthrough?

CBD and psychosis

CBD and phsychosis One of the more compelling arguments against cannabis use is its link to schizophrenia and other symptoms of psychosis. The actual risk is hard to pin down, because, surprisingly, you’re not allowed to give thousands of people ...

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CBD for back pain

CBD for back pain

CBD for back pain relief Back pain is one of the most prevalent and persistent physical problems facing adults today. At any given time, 31 million Americans are suffering from back pain, and up to 80% will experience it within ...

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CBD Oil for Anxiety…What you Need to Know

CBD Oil for anxiety

What you need to know about CBD Oil for anxiety With increasingly relaxed legislation and a growing number of scientific studies regarding marijuana use, we are beginning to understand the effects of CBD Oil for anxiety, and the effects of cannabis ...

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