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Tag Archives: anxiety relief

3 Proven Ways to De-Stress Your Life

de-stress your life

  Recent scientific research into alternative healing methods have shown that these three simple techniques can de-stress your life and the effect of stress on the body, and lowering stress allows you to think more clearly, work more efficiently, and ...

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5 Lifestyle Choices That Make Anxiety Worse

Anxiety is such a common ailment but it is surprisingly difficult to pinpoint exactly why it occurs. Of course, anxiety itself is a natural emotion that has protected humans from danger for millions of years. But when the feeling of ...

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Ever Heard of a Float Tank?

Sensory deprivation tanks, also known as isolation tanks or float (flotation) tanks, are sealed, single-person chambers filled with water and used to decrease stress and anxiety. Initially designed by scientists in the 1950s to study the effects of depriving the ...

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