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Soothing the Skin with CBD: Can Hemp Oil Help with Your Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a frustrating condition that affects over seven million people in the US alone. A doctor can help you diagnose your psoriasis, but for people wondering about the ailment, it is an uncomfortable and often unsightly skin condition. Sufferers experience red patches on the skin in various parts of their body that often has a scaly texture, broken skin that often bleeds, and a feeling of soreness, stretching, and itchiness in the affected areas. There are topical treatments and hormones that you can use to ease psoriasis but they are often expensive, time consuming, and provide little relief. However, as research begins to learn more about the effects of cannabis products, it is becoming clear that using hemp products with cannabis compounds can help to ease the symptoms of psoriasis. The useful ingredient in these products is Cannabidiol, generally referred to by its acronym CBD.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is legal in most countries these days. It is a part of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana, but it won’t get you high like Tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties. This means that you can use CBD products like hemp oil, tinctures, and vaporizers to ease your psoriasis without the mild intoxication that most people associate with cannabis products. One of the commonest physiological markers of psoriasis is the over-proliferation of keratinocytes, or skin cells. CBD works for psoriasis due to the fact that it reduces the number of active keratinocytes. What’s more, CBD products like hemp oil also have proven anti-inflammatory effects which can provide relief from the discomfort that psoriasis sufferers experience. While more scientific studies are needed to discover whether CBD could be introduced as an official clinical treatment for psoriasis, it is already clear that many sufferers find great relief from using products like hemp oil. You can learn more about the active ingredient (CBD), in an article posted here.

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One of the largest benefits of using CBD for psoriasis is the fact that it does not lead to the side effects that come with many conventional medicinal treatments. People who are unsatisfied with their current psoriasis treatments or who cannot use traditional topical medications due to other medical issues may find great relief through using CBD products. There are plenty of available options. CBD hemp oil can be rubbed onto affected areas of the skin, CBD tinctures can be added into drinks and consumed, or vaporizers can turn CBD into a steam that will soak into the skin quickly. There are even fun products like bath soaks, chocolates, and massage oils that you could try integrating into your daily routine!

CBD psoriasis treatments are a promising method of finding relief from the itchiness, discomfort, and unsightly skin patches that the condition inflicts on sufferers. You no longer need to live with the daily trials of psoriasis or stick with conventional treatments that you aren’t happy with. There are plenty of CBD hemp oils and other CBD products available online and in stores, so it’s worth looking into CBD if you want to find an alternative, safe, and effective way of treating your skin problems.

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