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4 Luxurious Benefits of Rising Early

Rising early makes you productive because you have extra time to organize the day. Instead of pushing out zeds late into the morning, you experience a period of grace. There’s ample opportunity to brush off sleepiness, and you don’t need to rush.

Rising early for productivity

Studies show early risers make plans while late sleepers snooze. They clarify intentions and focus on chores. Getting up early leaves you able to list what you want to do. Also, you can work out what to do first. Once you have aims, you know where to begin. People who sleep longer are less organized. They lose time due to inefficiency. 

Rising early to enjoy silence

When you climb out of bed an hour sooner than other people, you enjoy silence. There’s no traffic outside, voices, or other sounds to disturb you. Indeed, you can bathe in the luxury of peace. Later, noise pollution surrounds you, but for a while, there’s nothing to spoil tranquility.

Rising early to reduce stress

You achieve plenty since your mind is clear and you are relaxed. Hurrying makes people who rise later anxious. They experience mild states of fight or flight, which increases cortisol production. When stress floods your body, you feel anxious. But, as an early riser, you can afford to be smug; your smooth shift into the morning makes you calm.

Rising early for the luxury of choice

Your first step into the day can be of your choosing. Rather than doing what you have to do, you can amble, picking activities to suit your mood. You might take a cushion into the garden on which to meditate. Or, you may listen to birds singing, whatever takes your fancy. Late sleepers have no time for pleasure.

Leave late morning to disorganized, fuzzy-headed, anxious people. Get up before them and life will be sweeter. You’ll have time to yourself, clarity, less stress, and peace and quiet.


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