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Radical way to improve your health, fight disease, and live longer… Stop drinking soda!

Sodas may taste sweet and sparkling, but don’t be fooled! These drinks are connected to a ton of health problems and pose no nutritional value. Also, you could be drinking a healthier beverage option instead, giving you the vitamins and minerals you need to feel better and healthier in the long term.

So what exactly is so bad about soda?

Well, first of all, they pose no nutritional value to your diet. You’re much better off just drinking water, it will nourish your body without all the empty calories and sugar!

Contributes to diabetes and obesity

Sugary sodas are one of the leading factors contributing to the rise of diabetes and obesity in America due to the fact that they’re loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. Even the so-called healthier options like diet soda that use artificial sweeteners lead to increased appetite, greater difficulty losing weight and a harder time maintaining weight loss.

Soda can lead to weaker bones. Most sodas contain phosphorus and caffeine, agents that are believed to contribute to osteoporosis. Also drinking soda in place of milk or other healthy drinks will deprive you of the calcium you need to build strong bones. The sugar and carbolic acid in soda also weaken tooth enamel, causing cavities and tooth decay.

Worst of all soda has been shown to damage vital organs, increased soda consumption may be linked to chronic kidney disease, development and fatty liver, a chronic liver disease.

Now don’t worry too much just yet, you’re in luck, most, if not all of the problems associated with the consumption of soda can be reversed by limiting their use. It’s easy to quit soda if you replace it with healthy and tasty alternatives such as fruit juice, low-fat milk, tea or even water with a little bit of fresh fruit in it to give it a little flavor.

Remember…great health isn’t just “what you do”…but just as important is “what you don’t do” …knock out all sodas and soft drinks completely and feel your body getting stronger and healthier daily. It will happen!

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