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Quickly fix “brain fog” and get going again!

Do you ever find yourself feeling hazy, groggy, disoriented, or scattered? Do you ever just find it hard to concentrate for no apparent reason? You’re probably experiencing a classic case of brain fog. Brain fog is a huge and sometimes insurmountable nuisance when trying to be productive, so naturally, you should take steps to avoid it.

In order to avoid brain fog we must understand the underlying cause. That cause is inflammation, not just in the brain, but the whole body. So basically, the way to reduce brain fog is to cut down in inflammation. How do you do that you ask?

Here are a few tips to minimize inflammation and get rid of pesky brain fog!

  1. Sleep

Make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep every night, not too little, not too much. Also make sure you sleep in a dark room and are not interrupted throughout the night.

  1. Cut down on stress

Find ways to manage your stress, being stressed out and panicking are big factors contributing to inflammation.

  1. Regulate blood sugar.

It is important to avoid spiking your blood sugar, this means no skipping meals and no sugar binges. Eat healthily and on a consistent schedule. You can also try using stevia, a natural sugarless sweetener, to regulate blood sugar.

  1. Exercise

Along with healthy eating, regular implementation of exercise is a great way to cut down on inflammation. Even just a little bit of movement throughout the day can cut down on inflammation and get blood circulating to the extremities, including the brain, which will also reduce brain fog.

If you’re ready to get rid of your brain fog now and start having more effective and productive days, then start using these simple tips!

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