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7 Benefits From Honey

Honey’s ability to sweeten your food or drink is only a smidge of what it can do. It’s a natural, predigested type of sugar that helps your body in a number of ways. Whether you eat it by the spoonful, ...

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4 Luxurious Benefits of Rising Early

Rising early makes you productive because you have extra time to organize the day. Instead of pushing out zeds late into the morning, you experience a period of grace. There’s ample opportunity to brush off sleepiness, and you don’t need to rush. ...

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Take Control and Overcome Your Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders are very common, and, in an overcrowded, stressful, fast-paced world, often accepted as inevitable. They are not. Insomnia is not natural; neither is it harmless. Lack of sleep affects everything from relationships and work performance to physical and ...

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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium boasts many health benefits that you might not be aware of. Magnesium is a mineral found in certain foods, but the amount is so small that many people are at least somewhat deficient in it. Magnesium used to be ...

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The One Week Banana Cleanse

Do you want to have improved mental clarity, increased energy, have glowing skin and give your digestive system a much needed rest? You may think it’s bananas, but detoxing your body with a one week banana cleanse can provide significant ...

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3 Reasons for Women to Try Acupuncture

What exactly is acupuncture? It’s been ubiquitous in the world of complementary medicine for centuries. One of the primary exports of China, acupuncture has served as an incredible source of relief to millions of people who suffer from a variety ...

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