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Home Remedies to Soothe Your Sunburn

Even if you’ve taken steps to prevent it from happening, sunburn can occur, particularly if you’ve spent hours in the sun.You might not realize that your skin is damaged until you see the reddened skin and feel discomfort. What can ...

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5 Reasons to Love Onions

Onions are an often-omitted item on hamburgers worldwide.  They tend to have a bad reputation for leaving you with the lingering scent of “onion breath.”  Many people don’t realize, however, that those same stinky onions have powerful health benefits.  Here ...

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Do You Know The Signs Of A Stroke?

Do you know the signs of a stroke? What is a stroke?  Basically, when blood supply to the brain is interrupted, the victim will suffer from a medical emergency called a stroke. This is where the brain becomes damaged because ...

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The Sales Pitch For Why Anyone can Start Yoga

anyone can start yoga

  Beginning yoga can mean two things. It can mean a yoga program designed for people just starting to learn yoga, and it can mean making the decision and taking the action to start an individual yoga training program yourself. ...

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Fix The Smell Coming From Your Shoes

Having foot odor and a smell coming from your shoes is a very common problem, but for many people, it can be a source of embarrassment and frustration. This condition is referred to as bromodosis and is primarily caused by sweat ...

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Yes…CBD Oil for pets too!

CBD Oil for pets

How you can use CBD Oil for pets If you’ve been keeping up on the Cannabis news lately you will know about the benefits that CBD oil (Cannabidiol) has been having on a vast array of ailments to the human body. ...

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