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Cut down on Blue Light…Improve awareness, sleep, mood…and more!

In this day and age, It seems that everywhere we look we are surrounded by glowing screens. Whether it be our phone, computer, or television, they’re in our faces constantly. This is not always a bad thing, but for your sleep cycles, it is! Light-emitting devices such as your smartphone or computer screen emit “short-wavelength light” basically it has a higher concentration of blue light. This is bad in a number of ways, but mainly, this light affects levels of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin is the hormone your brain produces to help you sleep, and is crucial to maintaining your body’s sleep patterns.

When your melatonin levels are lowered at night, it will affect your sleep patterns. This will shift your body’s natural clock, known as it’s circadian rhythm. If your circadian rhythm is not in compatibility with the earth’s day and night cycles, it can be devastating for your health. It will be a determinant not only to your ability to feel awake during the day, but it will throw off the natural clocks in your body that dictate organ functions. So basically, too much blue-light exposure at night can be a really risky move for your overall health.

At this point you may be wondering what you can do to avoid your exposure to blue light in the evening, so here are a few pointers to help you cut down on blue light!

  1. Lower your brightness

It is shown that higher levels of blue light exposure result in worse effects on your sleep patterns So if you’re on your computer at night, turn down that brightness!

  1. Blue-light filters
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There are a number of programs out there to make use of that filter out the blue-light and shift it to a dimmer orange color wavelength. This is similar to a candle of a small campfire and causes much less reduction of your melatonin levels.

  1. Reverse print programs

There are also programs out there that reverse the print on the page so that the background is dark and your text is white and so on. This will reduce the amount of light in general, therefore reducing your exposure to blue-light.

  1. Combination

If you must be on your computer late at night, try turning your brightness down, using a filter, and using a reverse print program. This will provide maximum defense against blue-light!

  1. Glowing screen avoidance

This is definitely the least popular option, but it is the most effective one. Whenever the sun starts going down, simply avoid the use of any electronic devices with blue-light emitting screens. Try picking up a book or maybe playing a few board games with family!

We encourage you to give any combination of these tips a try and see if you feel any different… see if you notice feeling more clear headed, less brain fog, less eye strain and many other  “side benefits” when you cut down on blue light!

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