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New CBD Sleep Aid

CBD sleep aid


Try the new CBD sleep aid

Despite its reputation, and the fact it’s found in marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is not about getting high. When used correctly, CBD oil is highly effective for treating all sorts of ailments, from insomnia to epilepsy. A lot of times, CBD oil can tackle even the worst cases of insomnia by tackling the root of the problem rather than just treating symptoms the way many western medicines do. Making the new CBD sleep aid great for those having problems falling asleep.

CBD Sleep Aid: What the studies are saying

Even though cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries, it hasn’t been studied as extensively as other medicines. However, recent studies have shed light on some of the more curious aspects of the plant. For example, when looking for the answer of how cannabis helps people relax, scientists discovered it’s not THC – the compound in marijuana that gets users high – that helps users relax, but instead the compound CBD. CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp and is chemically identical in both.

It doesn’t get you high, but can help with relaxation

CBD derived from hemp is an all-natural method of getting your body to relax at the cellular level, reducing inflammation and anxiety, without causing any sort of high. Oddly enough, in small doses, it has the opposite effect, reducing drowsiness during the day and increasing alertness. By eliminating the urge for a midday nap, it can also help prevent the disruption of sleep cycles by an impromptu nap, helping support healthy sleep cycles.

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At higher doses, the relaxation benefits are hard to beat. People who take CBD often report a two-fold benefit. They both get to sleep more easily and have more restful and relaxing sleep when they do. It’s thought that the anxiety and stress reducing properties of the oil play a big part of this, allowing users to relax properly before bed.

Other ailments CBD seems to help

People with chronic pain can reap some of the most benefits from CBD oil, as it helps reduce pain as well. It can also combat the interruptions of REM sleep caused by Parkinson’s disease, preventing sufferers from flailing about in their sleep and potentially injuring themselves or those around them. This also makes it an ideal compound for users who suffer from sleep disruption due to PTSD.

CBD oil is a fantastic whole-body method of treating health issues. By talking with experts, you can figure out what the best option and dose is for you. And don’t worry, CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states, allowing anyone who might benefit from its calming effects to try it for themselves.

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