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Marijuana Tourism: 5 Tips for a Great Trip

marijuana tourism

Marijuana tourism and a great trip

Before you plan your vacation to Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, Washington D.C., Nevada, Maine, California or Alaska, you need to know the basics of marijuana tourism and recreational marijuana use. After all, you don’t want to break the law or have a bad experience. Here are five ways you can get the most out of your marijuana tourism plans.

Bring an ID

You can’t get into a dispensary without identification showing your age. This is the law in every state that has legalized recreational marijuana. Store employees aren’t going to bend the rules for you. An ID is also required to purchase edibles, pre-rolled joints, or loose bud. Dispensaries must enter your personal information into statewide systems to ensure you’re not going over the daily purchasing limit. If you want to stay off the grid, don’t go to a regulated marijuana dispensary.

Talk to the Staff

People who choose to work at a recreational marijuana dispensary love weed. They will be delighted to talk about your goals for getting high. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of strains available, so don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Staff can help you find the best weed for a relaxing body high, a sensual experience, or an old-school mind trip.

Heed the Dosing Recommendations

Even if you smoke or consume edibles on a regular basis, you should be cautious when using legal recreational marijuana products. Marijuana growers are constantly experimenting with new strains that deliver unique experiences. Specialized cannabis strains can have double or triple the THC of the weed you can buy at home. Most products offer a recommended dosage, and store employees will be happy to talk to you about their inventory. Marijuana affects individuals differently, so tread carefully. You don’t want to spend your vacation in the hospital recovering from a bad trip.

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Follow the Law

Recreational use may be legal in the state you’re visiting, but there are still restrictions. You can’t light up in public, and public intoxication is illegal. Selling your purchases is prohibited, as is buying from a street-level dealer instead of a dispensary. You should never get high and drive. Several states are testing field sobriety kits for marijuana DUI offenses, so you could be fined or jailed. Jurisdictions with legalized pot tend to have excellent public transport networks, and even marijuana tourism companies that can drive you around. There’s no excuse for driving under the influence of marijuana. Some states may have passed it but the actual law may not have taken effect yet, so know your dates.

Don’t Take Your Leftovers Home

Marijuana is still illegal federally and in many states. If recreational weed hasn’t been approved in your home state, don’t bring any back from your vacation. This includes edibles, oils, and even bud stored in a stash box. Airport drug dogs will detect it in your checked or carry-on luggage. If you’re driving back, be aware that state troopers are cracking down on marijuana tourists, particularly in the states surrounding Colorado. Don’t be surprised if you get pulled over for a broken taillight or failure to signal. Save yourself the trouble of being arrested with marijuana you purchased legally by consuming all of your weed before the end of your vacation.

Marijuana tourism can be a fun, memorable experience. It can also be a nightmare that ends in jail time or a visit to the hospital. Follow these five tips to make sure your plans for a great trip don’t go up in smoke.

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