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Is This “Gateway Drug” Actually the Cannabis Addiction Solution?

Cannabis Addiction solution

Is CBD the cannabis addiction solution?

Addiction is anything but pleasant or predictable. The problem is that most addicts simply don’t get the help they need. It’s far too easy to say “I don’t have a problem” over and over until the problem itself says “Oh, yes you do!” Unfortunately, the results of that acknowledgment are often short-lived right before overdosing or harming another person. The blunt truth is that if your life or legal freedom is on the line, the addiction has won. But is there an all natural addiction solution besides a pricey residential hideaway, and can the cannabis plant conceal one of those solutions?

How Much Power Does Addiction Really Claim Over Americans?

Addiction isn’t just some self-induced annoying situation. It’s actually a disease. Just like some people are at higher risks of developing diabetes, cancer, or stroke, many are at risk of developing chemical or substance addiction before even taking that first puff, pill, or pint. Addiction of any form causes a chemical change in the brain which, over time, is actually craved by the control center of the human body. Once that craving hits, there’s little we can do about it. Some people manage to hold out long enough to get the help they need, but others – in fact, most – never do.

For that reason, addiction is considered the nation’s most neglected disease. In America alone, 40 million residents over the age of 12 meet the clinical description for addiction – via nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, or harder substances. And 80 million more are at risk for developing the disease. While marijuana is generally claimed to not be an addictive substance, science proves otherwise. THC is most definitely an addictive chemical. But it’s only harm is psychological, in the fact that people can become dependent on the THC cannabinoid in marijuana. And surprisingly, the cannabis plant itself may provide some solutions for correcting addiction altogether.

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But Wait… Isn’t Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Marijuana is the most used recreational drug of choice with over 22 million users relying on or enjoying its effects per month. When it comes to adolescents, as of 2015, 35% of 12th graders, 25% of 10th graders, and 13% of 8th graders consistently used cannabis. Although those numbers have dropped significantly since 1999, multiple drug programs have used the term “gateway drug” to define marijuana in an attempt to win the war against drugs. It’s important to understand that today’s street pot is far different than our parents or grandparents’ version – often times being laced with illicit drugs, benzos, and even household chemicals to extend the high and cause addiction in record time.

As specific politicians feed into the “buzz” about marijuana being a gateway, they rely on old studies supporting their claim that using cannabis early in life leads to a higher desire for harsher substances such as heroin or meth. But study after study on a global scale proves that alcohol and tobacco are the true gateways. So why the attack on marijuana? Chances are because it’s not as easily controlled by the government and Big Pharma.

CBD Derived From Cannabis is a Great Addiction Solution Over Big Pharma

Moreover, based on another 21 national studies, cannabidiol (CBD), which is another cannabinoid found in trace amounts in the marijuana plant but in large quantities in the hemp plant, may actually benefit as an intervention for addictive behaviors. The government knows this and yet cannabis is not legal throughout the country. However, hemp is. The best quality CBD brands that are actually medically sound enough to work are not cheap. But they aren’t owned by Big Pharma, either. Therefore, they’re not limited to tight insurance protocol. Is cannabidiol a magical substance? It’s seeming to be. But can it soothe the withdrawal symptoms and reverse the mental connection of addiction? Medical science continues to be optimistic about the true power of cannabis, one of Mother Nature’s oldest creations.

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If you would like to learn more about the health benefits of legal, non-THC CBD from hemp then please check out this article on hemp-derived CBD HERE. And as always, please share these articles with as many people as possible!

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