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6 Ways to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep allows the body to relax and rejuvenate. Poor sleep habits can leave you feeling tired, cranky and unfocused throughout your day. There are things that you can do to help ensure a great night’s sleep, to improve your chances of waking up fresh and ready to start the day, and here are 6 ways to get a great night’s sleep…

Turn Down the Sound

Watching television late into the night or scanning Facebook on a tablet will only stimulate your brain further. Shut off the electronics thirty minutes before you turn in to give your mind time to slow down. Try listening to soothing music or a favorite audiobook if you are not ready for complete silence just yet.

Food or Drinks Can Affect Sleep

Eating heavy foods or drinking caffeine too close to bedtime can leave you feeling bloated or wired. Likewise, that alcoholic nightcap may relax you initially, but it will interrupt your sleep later through the night. Eat your meals earlier in the evening to give your body time to digest. If you find you wake up hungry during the night, eat a light snack before bedtime such as a banana, granola with yogurt or a small bowl of whole-grain cereal to keep you satisfied.

Stay on a Sleep Schedule

Your body has a natural circadian rhythm, or sleep-cycle, to keep you alert and rested. Keep your body in sync by waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day. Avoid sleeping in on weekends or taking long naps, this will only disrupt your sleep patterns, making you feel more groggy. You will notice that when your natural sleep cycle is working you will wake up naturally, without an alarm. This is a sure sign you are getting optimal rest.

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Seek Out Bright Light

The hormone melatonin gives your body the signal to go to sleep or stay awake. When it is dark, higher levels of melatonin are secreted to the brain, telling it to be sleepy. Exposing yourself to sunlight will produce less melatonin, keeping you awake and alert. Seek out sunlight by drinking your morning coffee outside. When at home open curtains or blinds during the day, and take sun breaks at the office by standing at a window if you cannot get outdoors.

Maintain a Fitness Schedule

We all know that exercise can relax the mind and de-stress the body. But, the time of day you exercise can have the opposite effect. Your metabolism speeds up when you work out, so if you exercise too close to bedtime you could be stimulating your body, rather than slowing it down, interrupting your sleep. For the best results, schedule your fitness routine in the morning or afternoon.

CBD Oil from hemp

Many people try sleep remedies that can be found in health food stores to supermarkets, and sometimes these options are effective. But, a new all natural sleep aid is found in legal CBD (Cannabidiol) oil derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil is growing in popularity and thousands claim it has helped incredibly with their sleep disorders. CBD from hemp can also aid in anxiety, depression, and many common and serious ailments, but as a sleep aid it is extremely popular. CBD from hemp is harmless, has a great calming effect on the body, and is legal in all 50 states. Read more about CBD in a popular article posted HERE, and as awlways please share these articles with as many people as possible.

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A great night’s sleep is within reach. Follow these tips to maintain healthy sleep habits. You will soon have the rest that your mind and body crave.

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