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Improve your health by putting your feet up?

If you like putting your feet up, carry on – it’ll do you good. Medical experts say raising your feet from a sitting or lying position is beneficial to your health, and the higher you raise them, the better. The posture can also be beneficial to the mind. Read on to find out what these benefits are, and where and how you can adopt this position in everyday life.

The health benefits of putting your feet up

Raising your feet above the rest of your body enhances blood flow upwards from the area, keeping cells healthy and supporting the circulation. This is particularly beneficial if you suffer from low blood pressure, but will do you good however healthy you are. The position also takes the pressure off muscles and tendons, helping you to relax. These combined benefits will bring you a sense of calm and serenity, and help you clear your mind. Some people may think putting your feet up is lazy whereas, in fact, you’re simply refreshing mind and body, ready for more productive activity.  So look out for places to do this on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions to consider, depending on your circumstances.

On the bed or sofa

Sit long-ways on a sofa rather than in an armchair, with your legs up and feet raised even higher on a pile of cushions. This will provide welcome relaxation after a busy day. Alternatively, use your bed, with a couple of pillows under your feet and a headboard or wall to support your back. With a firm mattress, you’ll find this an excellent arrangement for reading, writing, computing and craft work.

On the step

When outside, look for places to sit with your feet raised. Make the most of any garden furniture available, or improvise, stretching out on the lawn with your feet on plant pots, for instance, or sitting on the patio flagstones with your heels up on a step.

Up the beach or hill

At the seaside, position yourself the other way round from everyone else. It’ll be handy for chatting with your party, and the upward slope of the shore will produce the desired effects of enhancing blood flow and relaxing the leg muscles. You could do the same on a slope in the park, or on a hill in the countryside.

On the desk

Sitting on your office chair with your feet on the desk would naturally be viewed as unacceptably decadent and ill-mannered by your colleagues, even with no clients around, but in the privacy of your private study, this would be an ideal way to re-energize your weary body on a hot or tiring day. Remember to take your shoes off first, though, and mind the coffee cup.

In the air

Sit on the floor and raise your feet a little way. Hold the position as long as you can, then lower your legs and repeat the procedure a few times. This little exercise can be done in all sorts of settings and circumstances, revitalizing wilting or swollen legs in seconds. For a variation, lie down opposite a wall and slide your feet up it. Going up a wall by choice may save you being driven up it, on a bad day. For extra refreshment, remove your footwear and wiggle your ankles and toes.

Once you start looking out for places for putting your feet up, you’ll find plenty. But make sure the circumstances are appropriate. If you’re awaiting a summons to an interview panel, say, it might not be in your best interests to be caught with your bare toes sticking up in the doorway. But afterwards, in a suitable setting, you can stand on your head and wave your feet at the sky if it helps you unwind. But if lifting your feet just isn’t getting the job done and you feel that you need something more to get maximum benefits, check out CBD oil!

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