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How to Make Your Life a Little Greener

There are many benefits to becoming more ecologically friendly, and make your life a little greener. One of the most convincing benefits of going green is the potential to save some green in the process. On a larger scale, you’ll cut down on production costs by recycling on a regular basis; on a personal level, you’re likely to see a reduction in utility costs over time. If you’re new to personally adopting such a lifestyle, however, you’ll have a better experience with it if you take smaller steps to achieving that goal rather diving right into it.

Ditch the Desktop

If you have a desktop computer in your home, consider putting it out to pasture — in a green way of course, which means taking it to a local recycling center licensed to handle such products in an eco-friendly way. Laptops use about a quarter of the energy consumed by a desktop computer.

Vary How You Cook

A standard electric oven generates nearly 3 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour. Conversely, a toaster oven generates just over 1 pound of carbon dioxide in about the same time, and a slow cooker produces 9/10 of a pound over seven hours. You don’t have to ditch your oven altogether. However, varying your use of cooking appliances is a productive step worth considering.

Wash in Cold Water

While there are some exceptions, most clothes can be washed safely in cold water. By using the cold water setting on your washing machine more often, you’ll reduce energy consumption by as much as 80 percent.

Use Vinegar to Clean

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent that packs the same punch as many retail cleaning products, without other chemicals that often pose environmental risks. Vinegar can be used to clean out clogs within the small parts of a coffeemaker to improve efficiency by simply adding 1/2 cup to a normal brewing cycle.

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Replace Older Appliances

The easiest way to go green within your home is to replace older appliances as they break down or wear out over time. Many of the newer appliances available, especially air conditioning units and water heaters, are much more energy efficient than models that were available even a decade ago.

During the process of shifting to make your life a little greener, is to take time to learn as much as you can about what you can do to embrace eco-friendly living in a way that’s comfortable for you. As you acquire more knowledge about what you can do on a personal level, take small steps to reduce your carbon footprint and develop a productive relationship with the world around you.

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