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How Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health Capsules Can Protect and Detox Your Liver

The liver has a number of key functions that runs consistently in order to ensure there is a good balance of hormones in a person’s body. To begin with, the three primary functions of hormones – catabolism, metabolism and synthesis, are managed by the liver itself. The same organ also helps in the removal of toxins across the body, and vitamin absorption.

With that in mind, it would provide peace of mind to know that the greatest levels of function for a liver can be retained with the use of Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health 60 vegetable capsules. Gaia Herbs is a company based in the US, and prides itself in bringing its own range of organic herbal supplements across the globe. Liver Health vegetable capsules, in particular, provides high levels of antioxidants to its user, and also aids in the maintenance of healthy inflammation levels when necessary. The company itself was founded in 1986, and meets the regulations of Oregon Tilth inspectors under the Certified Organic Grower (COG) standards.

What It Contains

The product contains two important components – turmeric root and milk thistle extracts. The turmeric root extract is a known antioxidant super food, and helps in the detoxification of the liver. Milk thistle, on the other hand, has been well documented in treating liver disorders. There is a good measure of 80 mg of Silymarins derived from milk thistle in every vege-capsule. Other components that can be found in the supplement include licorice root, Schisandra berry and Chinese Skullcap root. All herbs which are found in the Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health 60 vegetarian capsules are grown organically in the farms of Gaia Herbs, and stringent quality control is maintained at all times. This is to make sure that every process, from seed selection and soil preparation, right up to validation technologies and also product packaging is done at the highest level of quality assurance and control.

How It Helps

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Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health capsules are dairy and gluten free, making it available to those who are on a specific diet plan. The company also ensures that it is free of alcohol and heavy-metal components. Clients who have tried out Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health capsules find marked changes with minor liver recovery.

The Cons

There has been no conclusive case to show that Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health capsules works for major liver damages. The supplement is shown to produce results in a longer timeframe, but there is no conclusive evidence to show the same in a shorter term period.

Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes it is. In order to get the best results, Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health vegetable capsules have to be taken consistently. The supplement is able to work well and help detoxify the liver, and ultimately the body.

The Verdict

Gaia Herbs’ Liver Health 60 Vegetable Capsules are well worth a try. It is designed to help provide the best in terms of liver health, and does not contain anything other than good old herbal goodness. The finest in organic supplements is definitely what Gaia Herbs aims to deliver, and its product Liver Health holds true to this stand. 

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