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What emerging companies have the best CBD Oil products, pricing, shipping, and customer support? We researched and found the following…


(Updated 05/03/17)

Miracle CBD Oil…

If you’re like many people you’re looking for new, powerful, natural, and proven relief from common and serious ailments and are tired of the same old remedies, medications, and pharmaceuticals that seldom work or have bad side effects. People are slowly but surely starting to learn about the power of CBD or “Cannabidiol” that is now legally available in all 50 states from the hemp plant.

CBD is an all-natural and legal cannabis-based health supplement that helps boost the human immune system so well it is showing to help with a myriad of  ailments… both common and more serious… and the fact that you are here reading this means you are looking for more information to try and decide if CBD is right for you and what company and product you should get this CBD from. So, we’ve done the research for you and after reading this quick article you’ll know exactly where to go to get the CBD products that you need.

CBD oil from Hemp is being called the new miracle oil

CBD Oil is derived from the Hemp plant, which is in the Cannabis family and is being used by thousands of people to help relieve symptoms from a multitude of ailments, and in many cases, complete healing is being reported. With many others reporting amazing results in helping with pain, anxiety, arthritis, sleep disorders, and even seizures and cancer in some cases. Also, CBD Oil from hemp does not require a medical marijuana card or prescription, and it’s available in various potencies, purities, and even flavors… Just “place your order and give it a try” is what we did.

So, there is no doubt that CBD Oil derived from Hemp is proving to be extremely interesting and that it’s helping a lot of people…The big question is, where do you get the best CBD products at the best possible prices?

There are many great companies… and we checked out several…

At Maximum Lifestyles, our job is to bring our subscribers the latest news, information, research, and recommendations so you can “maximize your life”, and in the case of CBD Oil, we did a lot of legwork to bring our readers and subscribers the most accurate information we could get.

Don’t be at all discouraged trying to find the best supplier of CBD… Or confused as to which companies have been around the longest and offer the best products and pricing… or where the best CBD comes from (USA, Europe, South America, etc.)? If you are wondering any of these questions, don’t think it’s because you’re out of the loop or not up on the latest trends… because our research showed that less than five percent of the general population even knows about legal CBD Oil derived from Hemp, so you’re not alone. Yes, that’s LEGAL… as in you can buy it in all 50 states, just like the Hemp protein, Hemp cereals, and Hemp breads sold in most grocery stores.

So, rely on us as we’ve done the research and we’ve made it very easy for you to narrow down the best company and CBD products for you…Just one of the many free services we provide to “maximize your lifestyle!”

Here is what we learned and recommend

We started with a quick Internet search and then started researching, contacting, ordering from, and vetting, the many different companies offering CBD Oil. The first thing we noted, and this is different from any other industry we’ve researched, was that every single company we contacted was exemplary in the way they conducted business and handled customers. Here are some of the main points we considered…

  • Do they have good client support?
  • What country is the CBD oil derived from?
  • What is the extraction method?
  • Is the product quality tested?
  • Do they have multiple delivery methods (concentrates, tinctures, capsules, etc.)?
  • Is the company trustworthy?
  • Do they have a track record?

Based on our interaction with these companies it seemed like each of these companies was on a mission to serve people and to offer the best products they possibly could. We found this very refreshing, to say the least, and it portends well for the burgeoning Hemp and Medical Marijuana industries no doubt.

The main companies we discovered were the following

  1. HempLife Today
  2. Bluebird Botanicals
  3. Elixinol
  4. RSHO
  5. Healthy Hemp Oil
  6. Endoca
  7. Charlotte’s Web
  8. Miracle CBD Oil

We checked out many companies, and for the most part, they were very helpful.  Some took more than 24 hours to respond to us but didn’t have a phone number to call and ask questions; we weren’t particularly fond of this. Most were offering a CBD product imported from outside the USA… and, not all of the companies were transparent with their quality and guarantee, and it was these circumstances that made it hard to choose who was the best, initially.

We found one company that surpassed our expectations at every turn

New Tincture 3d_bottle-3 bottles

CannazALL™ from HempLife Today™ was the best CBD product we could find, and at the best prices… Their products are domestically grown and packed with the most potent CBD we found… and, the company says it’s from a very special purpose grown hemp strain specifically developed for its CBD richness. We like that.

We also like the fact that it is C02 extracted, they provide testing results with every order and a price point as low as $29 when purchased in a pack of six or their “trial size” where you can try CBD for just $9.95 (they are now offering this for free, see below). That’s a very good price for quality CBD. Not to mention, they have multiple products for the delivery method that works best for you… Everything from flavored Tinctures, concentrated oils, gelcaps, CBD powder, CBD Crumble Wax, and even a new topical CBD Skin Salve that’s selling like crazy!

We also like the fact their products are all organic with no GMO’s or artificial ingredients of any kind and that the company is made up of health-minded people who want to help others. Very important. Also, ordering was easy by Website or phone, and they got our products to us within 5 days, even when we ordered on a Saturday.

They also kept us well informed about CBD and offered us really great discounts when we reordered.

The Company lets you try it first for FREE!

After researching CBD, we came away very impressed with this amazing new natural therapy, and very impressed with the folks at HempLife Today™. Mainly because we also learned they are now giving away a Trial-Pack of six CannazALL 25mg CBD GelCaps, that used to cost $9.99 for FREE, with no strings attached and no purchase necessary.

We think this speaks volumes about this Company and we certainly urge you to get your Free Trial-Pack of these super-potent CBD GelCaps. But, the Company limits this free offer to the first 500 requests daily, so we suggest you act fast. Just click HERE to be taken to the special page where you can redeem your Free Trial-Pack. If you find that all the Free Trial-packs have been given away for today, the company says you can come back after midnight each day, and the 500 threshold will be reset. 


To learn more visit or call their toll-free number 24 hours a day for CBD info and consultations 1-800-655-9547.

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