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The One Week Banana Cleanse

Do you want to have improved mental clarity, increased energy, have glowing skin and give your digestive system a much needed rest? You may think it’s bananas, but detoxing your body with a one week banana cleanse can provide significant health benefits. Bananas are cheap to buy, convenient to eat, and pack a nutritional punch. If you think eating 30 bananas a day is crazy, why not give it a go and see the results?

Banana Nutrition Facts

Bananas are brimming with vital nutrients. They are a fantastic source of potassium, fiber, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, and iron. Bananas are low in fat and high in carbohydrates, which mean that they provide you with amazing lasting energy. With an average of 95 calories per banana, you should aim to eat between 20-30 bananas a day to reduce hunger pains and reduce the likelihood of craving fatty and salty foods. A banana cleanse can help to alleviate depression, cure digestive issues, improve skin and even improve a person’s quality of sleep. You should start to see positive changes to your health after roughly one week of your banana cleanse diet.

Potassium: How Much is Too Much?

Many people worry about potassium poisoning from eating too many bananas, but the fact is that you would need to eat roughly 320 bananas within 30 seconds to get a lethal dose of potassium. Bananas contain just 350mg of potassium per 100g. Potatoes contain three times more potassium than bananas per 100g, and baked beans contain twice the amount of potassium as bananas per 100g.

Banana Boredom

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Eating plain bananas every day may start to feeling boring, especially during the first couple of days on the detox diet. Bananas are extremely versatile, and you can prepare your bananas in numerous tasty ways. Why not try sliced bananas, banana smoothie, or even banana ice cream? You could make a creamy banana milk using blended bananas and water.

The Importance of Eating Ripe Bananas

Every banana you eat must be ripe with brown spots, and not green or yellow. Unripe bananas are less easily digested by the body. If the peel snaps when you open the banana, it is not ripe enough and shouldn’t be consumed.

After the one week Banana Cleanse: Now What?

Avoid slipping back to your unhealthy way of eating after your detox. Try to transition slowly into a mostly raw, vegan diet that includes plenty of fruits and some vegetables, as this diet is most likely to give you lasting improvements to your health after your cleanse. Bananas are so delicious that you’ll most likely find that after your detox you won’t be able to go a day without a banana!

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