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Get a Better Night’s Sleep with These Top 3 Strategies

Sleep is essential to your overall well-being. The benefits of getting a good night’s rest are numerous, including less stress, increased energy levels, lower obesity risk, and better overall health. Simply put, getting plenty of high-quality sleep every night will make you feel and perform better during the day. Despite its importance, however, sleep is something that millions of people do not get nearly enough of. To help you get the sleep you need, these top three strategies can help you get into a routine that promotes a better night’s sleep.

1. Create a Distraction Free Zone

Your bed is for sleep, not for working, watching television, or catching up on work emails. If you start bringing distractions into bed then you are going to have a harder time falling asleep. Treat your bedroom as a refuge from the concerns of your day-to-day life. For example, keep the laptop out of your bed since having it with you makes it too easy to constantly check emails, social media, and other online services that keep you from drifting to sleep. Even watching television in bed can be a bad idea since it may leave your mind over-stimulated or you may have trouble relaxing after channel surfing for too long.

2. Get More Exercise

The benefits of routine exercise are too numerous to mention, but one benefit of exercise that you should know about is how important it is for getting some high-quality sleep. Exercising, such as hitting the gym, going for a morning run, or playing sports, helps keep your body healthy, which in turn helps you maintain a regular sleep schedule. However, what you don’t want to do is work out just before bed since doing so may leave you feeling overly energetic and could actually make it difficult to fall sleep. Working during the mornings or afternoons is a surer way of falling asleep faster.

3. Don’t Hit Snooze

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The snooze button can be pretty tempting during the mornings, but what it won’t do is give you a better night’s sleep. In fact, hitting the snooze button could leave you feeling drained and exhausted. The extra few minutes of sleep you get with the snooze button are not high-quality periods of deep sleep; instead, they are brief intervals of light sleep that do little to replenish your body’s energy levels. A better strategy is to set your alarm for when you actually need to wake up and wake up at that time. By doing so you will get one solid block of high-quality sleep rather than a sleep session that is broken up into low-quality sleep intervals towards the end.

If you feel like you need a better night’s sleep (which would be seven to eight hours for most people), then you may want to change some of your daily and nightly habits. The three suggestions listed above will help you on the path towards getting a good night’s sleep, which will give you the energy you need to be and feel your best throughout the day.

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