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Ever Heard Of Reiki?

Although it’s not a part of any particular religion, Reiki is a form of spiritual healing which originated in Japan.  The name Reiki is a combination of the Japanese words for universal life and energy.  Simply put, to those who practice this art, Reiki is harnessing the energy of life coursing through everyone and everything and using it to heal those around you.

The art of Reiki centers on strengthening your ability to reach the healing energy inside yourself.  When you discover how to connect with your own reservoir of energy, you will be able to use it to heal yourself and others.  The core belief is that your energy should be strong and fluid, thus resulting in good mental, emotional, and physical health.  If that energy becomes blocked, the result will be an imbalance of energy throughout the body.  This can cause a multitude of health problems as well as an increased state of tension within the body and mind.

A typical Reiki session lasts about an hour.  The client usually removes their shoes and lies on their back, although sometimes the client can sit in a chair as well.  Technique varies and can be adjusted to suit the client’s preferences.  The practitioner can lightly touch the client’s body or pass their hand slightly above the client’s body without actual contact.  This should be discussed before the session begins.

Many people enjoy the relaxation that the practice of Reiki brings.  Although it doesn’t cure disease or sickness itself, it creates a positive environment to allow the body to heal itself.  It is not intended to replace traditional medical care, but it is used in some medical care facilities as a complementary measure.

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