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Keep looking great for decades… it’s easier than you think!

In 1900, the average lifespan was about 46 years, now it is over 80, and that’s just an average. Many people are living well beyond 80 and into their early hundreds! This is truly an amazing time in history for longevity. But longevity doesn’t always necessarily mean health. The longer you live, the higher chances you have of getting diseases and living a debilitated lifestyle. Luckily though, you can live a lifestyle that can minimize the risk of all of these things happening as you age, and maximize your chances of living vibrantly up into your 90’s or more!

So what are some things you can do to keep looking great for decades?

  1. Control your stress

This is the number one aging factor, higher stress contributes to all sorts of health problems and increases the speed of aging, just look at before and after photos of presidents as they finish their term. If you want to live vibrantly in to old age, reduce stress as much as possible!

  1. Maintain your blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause all sorts of damage to your body and can increase your chances for stroke and vascular disease. If your blood pressure remains high for a long period of time it can causes atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of arteries. Get your blood pressure checked regularly and be sure to eat healthy and exercise.

  1. No smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking causes diseases of the lungs and heart, but prolonged smoking speeds up ageing in your body, especially your skin! Smoking cigarettes is about as sure fire a way to shorten your lifespan as you can get, so obviously it’s quite the detriment to healthy aging.

  1. Sleep better!
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Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep every night and have a set pattern. Also avoid caffeine later in the day.

  1. Eat healthy

Eat a varied diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Also you can try multi vitamins and greens supplements for added nutrients, but over all just avoid processed foods and fake sugar.

  1. Exercise

Get up and move around a little. Movement keeps your body working and keeps you young. exercising will get your blood flowing and your joints lubricated, staying stationary for long periods of time is like leaving something in a shed for awhile while it covers with rust and cobwebs! Do things you like… go hiking, play tennis, whatever it is just make sure you’re moving and that you’ll stick to it.

  1. Use your brain

The brain is your most important asset. If you want to avoid degenerative brain diseases like alzheimer’s, the best thing to do is keep it sharp! Challenge your brain regularly, learn new things, seek out new experiences, be a lifelong student!

  1. Have a positive outlook

You’ll be surprised the power of self suggestion. Don’t think of yourself as becoming old and frail, visualise yourself as always youthful and vibrant. If nothing else this will cause you to do more and engage in activities that will increase your vitality throughout the years.

While we all know that time passes and we can’t stop getting older… we can help to slow “aging” on a daily basis. This is fact, not fiction, and it all starts with two concepts; What to do…and what not to do… Follow these simple rules daily and you’ll “age” slower and even get back some years you thought you may have lost. Here’s to loving life and looking great for decades!

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