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CBD Treatment for Arthritis

CBD treatment for arthritis


Treatment of arthritis with CBD

While the medical community is researching the benefits and risks of CBD oil from the hemp plant, time is ticking away for people suffering from the degenerative, painful, or disabling effects of diseases such as arthritis. The world has a long history with CBD oil that begs the question whether we are waiting too long to move it back into the mainstream medical world and for the treatment of arthritis

CBD oil was in medicine bags in the Orient as early as 2000 BC, where it was used to “undo rheumatism.” In North America, it predated aspirin as a pain killer and doctors commonly prescribed it to patients suffering from arthritic pain. Let’s have a peek at what current science says about the effects of CBD treatment for arthritis.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an umbrella term used to describe recurring or chronic joint pain, degeneration, or disease. In the U.S., more than 50 million adults have arthritis, while 300,000 children feel its effects.

There are several forms of arthritis:

1. Degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It occurs when the cartilage in joints wears thin, and the bones rub against or impact each other. It usually happens with age, repetitive motion, or an injury.

2. Inflammatory arthritis is an auto-immune condition. The two most common types are rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. In both cases, the body’s natural inflammatory immune response gets cross-wired, and the body starts attacking itself, focusing on the joints. Other seemingly unrelated parts of the body often become affected as well, such as the eyes, organs, or skin.

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3. Infectious arthritis occurs when bacteria, viruses, or fungi enter the joint and cause an isolated infection. This condition can result from hepatitis, food poisoning, or many other ailments. If antibiotics don’t clear up the infection, the condition can become chronic.

4. Metabolic arthritis is a cousin of gout. It presents when the body accumulates too much uric acid or eliminates the acid too slowly. The uric acid then builds up in the joints in the form of crystals or spikes, causing sudden searing pains.

With such a range of diseases defined as arthritis, and with each person needing a plan to match his or her own unique body and condition, it’s no wonder science struggles to manage arthritis safely. Is CBD the tool doctors and patients should be adding to their arsenal in the fight against arthritis? Let’s take a look.

How does CBD Treatment for Arthritis Help?

CBD oil is showing great promise on several levels. In a world where the side effects of pharmaceutical medication are too well-known, the hope is that CBD can counter the effects of drugs, reduce their usage, or eliminate the need for them entirely. Here’s how.

Arthritis patients involved in trial research of CBD oil reported a decrease in overall inflammation both while moving and while at rest. CBD is believed to help regulate the immune response to prevent an overproduction of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

In addition to being an anti-inflammatory, CBD is an analgesic. Because CBD reduces inflammation, the patient feels less pain. Therefore, they can rest and sleep better, which leads to greater healing and an overall improvement in well-being. In fact, CBD is known to enhance sleep, even for those without pain.

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Reduced pain also means the person can be more active. Increased exercise strengthens the muscles supporting the affected joints. It also helps keep weight down, which is a risk factor for some types of arthritis.

Patients with autoimmune arthritis often lose their appetite because of their pain. The CBD oil helps decrease pain and increase appetite, encouraging the patient to nourish his or her body enough to help fight the condition.

Studies have also suggested that CBD may help slow the progression of immune-related arthritis. It does this by modulating the immune system to prevent further over-reaction and attack on already damaged or still healthy joints.

What about side effects?

So far, the use of CBD oil has shown no significant side effects. Contrary to fears, CBD does not cause psychoactive behavioral changes. CBD comes from the hemp plant, which does not contain the controversial THC, the behavior-modifying component of marijuana.

Overall, the future looks bright for CBD oil and arthritis sufferers. Its promise as an immune modulator, inflammation reducer, analgesic, and sleep enhancer make CBD oil from the hemp plant well worth investigating. Here’s to being pain-free!

It’s important to note that CBD derived from hemp is legal in the US and available to your door. We published a very popular article about that here.

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