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CBD Oil From Cannabis- A True Plant Based Whole Body Healer

CBD Oil from Cannabis


A whole body healer…CBD Oil from Cannabis

Marijuana enthusiasts, rejoice. After decades of failed drug policy surrounding marijuana and its falsely proclaimed dangers, municipalities and states across the country are wising up, reversing course and opening the doors to this whole body healer, and the good news is that CBD Oil from Cannabis is becoming more widely accessible.

While your first thought may go to recreational benefits that such a mild and calming subsidence like the cannabis can offer, the greatest benefits may be seen in the many health effects this plant produces within our body. CBD Oil from Cannabis, such as Hemp, is 100% legal in all 50 states and you can actually get it now, delivered right to your door or in some stores.

Sleep better without altering your hormones

The most commonly used sleep aid in the United States is melatonin, a hormone naturally produced by the body. When we take more melatonin, the body is triggered into a sleep state by this sudden hormone imbalance. There is little long-term evidence to suggest that long-term use of melatonin is safe, due to its hormone altering nature.

On the other hand, Indica and Cannabidiol (CBD) strains of marijuana help many people to take control of their sleep patterns all naturally, according to High Times Magazine. While the mechanism is not fully understood, patients have reported this positive side effect enough for those with insomnia to take note.

Diabetes management

Animal studies have shown positive effect on blood glucose using Cannabidiol alone. The mechanism of action CBD uses in blood glucose control also suggests that it may also play a preventative role in protection against various autoimmune diseases as well, although human trials are needed.

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Cigarette addiction reversal

While it may seem obvious that one could wean off smoking one substance by smoking another substance, in fact no smoking at all is needed for CBD to offer its addiction stopping effects to smokers.

One double-blind placebo-controlled study pitted 24 longtime smokers against a control group who received a placebo. The experimental group received doses of CBD through inhalation, not smoking. As a result of the trial, those taking CBD inhalations saw a 40% drop in daily cigarette usage. Subjects also reported reduced cravings for nicotine.

Greater mental health

While stereotypes like to cast marijuana users as unconfident and antisocial, a study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that those who ingest CBD on a regular basis have reduced memory impairment and paranoia. How’s that for a stunning reversal of old stereotypes?

Uses for those suffering medical conditions

While there are no shortage of benefits from CBD to the general population, research now shows that the substance has an exceptional medicinal value as well.

Fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia is an illness of the musculoskeletal system. Those suffering from fibromyalgia experience pain throughout their bodies, and often have trouble with sleep at nighttime, and energy levels throughout the day.

Marijuana has been known as a powerful all-natural pain reliever, and a study done by researchers in 2011 found that half of participants who used CBD saw significant reductions in pain symptoms. The control group as well as another group using corticosteroids didn’t see much improvement, a rather impressive result for the natural relief option.

Treatment of mental disorders

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CBD not only produces recreational highs for the mind; it also helps protect against harmful mental illnesses.

A group of German researchers published a study in the Journal of Translational Psychiatry 2012 on the mental health effects of CBD. Comparing 42 schizophrenia patients, it was found that CBD outperformed pharmaceutical treatments for the treatment of schizophrenia.

Posttraumatic stress syndrome affects not only soldiers, but anyone else reliving difficult moments of the past in traumatic fashion. CBD has been found to help those with STD to relieve anxiety and even bodily inflammation as a result of this pathologic level of mental stress.

CBD opens up a new chapter in natural health practice

As the positive effects of CBD become impossible to ignore, the health industry is finally starting to embrace this safe, effective, all-natural substance as the healing agent it truly is.

Future generations will no longer fall victim to stereotypes of harmful effects as of Cannabidiol or cannabis, as generations in the past have. The vast majority of new studies show many positive effect stemming from marijuana and CBD usage.

As we trend closer to full federal legalization, more research that is likely to be conducted will continue to offer us insight into the health promoting effects of this amazing recreational and medical plant healer, and CBD Oil from Cannabis is proving to be very popular..

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