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CBD Oil for sleep…Can it work for you?

CBD Oil for sleep

Is CBD Oil for sleep real?

Insomnia affects around 30% of adults and many more people report that they struggle with insufficient sleep and feeling tired during the day. Whether it’s a clinically significant sleep disorder or an occasional problem, sleeping troubles can be serious business. They are associated with depression, high blood pressure, lower productivity, and obesity. However, pharmaceutical aids for sleep are often highly addictive and lead to more fatigue the next day. Luckily, it seems that cannabis can provide a safe and effective means of treating insomnia and other sleep problems, and CBD Oil for sleep is being used by thousands.

CBD is the the key

In terms of sleep, it is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, Cannabidiol, that is most useful. While cannabis contains dozens of cannabinoids, the most commonly discussed are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC is the component of cannabis that gets you high, CBD does not have those psychoactive effects. Different cannabis strains contain different balances of THC and CBD, and it seems that high-CBD but low-THC options are the best for treating sleep problems. This means that CBD Oil for sleep can be the perfect remedy for people who might not be interested in getting stoned or feeling the psychoactive influences of cannabis. You can learn more about where to get legal CBD from the hemp plant in all 50 states HERE.

Studies show promising results

Studies in animals and humans have shown that CBD can help induce sleep and produce a restful slumber. Giving CBD to rats helps them to sleep longer and experience more restorative sleeping patterns, and also appears to regulate their sleep cycles over time. In humans, similar effects have been found. Although CBD stimulates the same brain receptors as caffeine and can be invigorating, it seems that high-CBD strains and tinctures can balance out the effect and produce easy, restful sleep. CBD consumption increases somnolence, which is the feeling of sleepiness or drowsiness that is often completely absent at night time in insomnia. CBD also significantly increases sleep compared to placebo treatments and reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which gives users a more peaceful night’s rest. It also helps you get to sleep faster which can be useful for people who do not have a fixed sleep routine and need a fast-acting remedy.

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It’s also helping with many other ailments

What’s more, the CBD in cannabis also improves sleep in people who suffer from chronic pain problems. Studies in this area have included patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer-related pain. With the help of CBD, they experienced a significant improvement in sleep quality. Importantly, they did not build up a tolerance to the CBD drug or require dosage increases, even after four years of using CBD to improve their sleep. This is particularly interesting given that tolerance can grow for traditional pharmaceutical sleep aids, meaning that increased usage and addiction are often unwelcome side effects of these drugs.

Try CBD Oil for sleep!

Even if you aren’t a fan of smoking cannabis, there are plenty of ways to use herb that will improve your sleep. Edible options tinctures, and capsules are effective ways of using CBD to beat insomnia and bring a restful night of sleep to your bedroom. You can also pair CBD in your preferred form with relaxation methods like taking a hot bath, drinking a mug of herbal tea, or putting some lavender essential oil on your pillows. The combined effects of these relaxants and your CBD sleep aid will ensure that you drift off and sleep peacefully until morning. There are more scientific studies of cannabis and sleep being conducted and new remedies are discovered every day, but it certainly seems that CBD in cannabis is a safe and valuable way to treat insomnia and improve your sleep.

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