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CBD for Reducing Anxiety – How Much Do I Take?

CBD for Reducing Anxiety

The What, When and How when using CBD for Reducing Anxiety

One of the key health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) is its ability to reduce stress. Studies have shown that people can get this benefit whether they suffer from an anxiety disorder or not — that is, it can help with the normal anxiety you experience before events like a job interview. But if you want to use CBD for Reducing Anxiety, how much of it should you take, and when? The studies conducted so far have pointed to some answers.

What Dose to Reduce Anxiety?

As you would expect, the optimal amount of CBD for Reducing Anxiety will vary from person-to-person, based on your metabolism, biochemistry and body weight. Although there have not yet been any studies investigating the most effective dosing levels, the most common approach has been to provide participants with a fixed dose of either 30 mg or 60 mg. At both of these levels, there have been no reports of significant side effects, so some researchers have opted in their studies to use 60 mg for the best chance of detecting an effect. To learn more about CBD and how it can help with many ailments both common and serious check out the article we published HERE.


In 1981 researchers in Sweden gave oral CBD to human patients (in the form of chocolate cookies), and then took regular blood samples over the next 10 hours. They then analyzed these samples to figure out when CBD reaches peak levels in the blood. The results showed that CBD gradually increased and reached their peak two hours after eating the CBD cookies, staying at roughly this level for around an hour.

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This observation is backed up by a study where researchers gave CBD to participants and then put them through a stressful event. They tested the participants’ anxiety after 60, 75 and 140 minutes, finding a continuous decrease over this time [2]. Unfortunately, they didn’t do any tests after 140 minutes, so it’s hard to say how long the effects lasted after that. Based on these studies, however, it seems that two hours before an anticipated short, stressful event would be the ideal timing (such as a speech or job interview), or one hour before a longer-lasting stressful event (such as a flight).


Those researchers who put the CBD into chocolate cookies might have been on to something. CBD, when taken orally, passes through the liver before hitting the bloodstream. Because the liver contains many enzymes which break CBD down into other compounds, you don’t get as much into the blood as you wanted. However, one study found that taking CBD with any fats or oils facilitates its absorption through the intestines, bypassing the liver. In fact, CBD levels in the blood were three times higher when study subjects took it along with fats.


As stated earlier, your mileage may vary, and a little personal experimentation will be required to see what works best for you. To learn more about CBD for Reducing Anxiety and how it can potentially help you check out the article HERE.

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