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CBD for Ailments: Let Us Count the Ways

CBD for ailments


CBD for ailments

Recreational and medical marijuana both contain THC, the bit that gets you high, and CBD, the other cannabinoid that doesn’t get you stoned. CBD, in fact, works to combat some of the negative effects of THC such as anxiety and paranoia, and it can be found in both marijuana and hemp. Furthermore, CBD’s intense concentration in hemp–the strain of Cannabis used for rope, fabric, and industrial products–makes it a useful resource to make extracts for those who want the therapeutic benefits without the accompanying high.

It’s been pretty well documented that CBD is useful in treating seizures and convulsions in both adults and children. As the use of Cannabis has become more common, researchers are expanding their studies to see what effects CBD for ailments can have on other complaints, diseases and illnesses.

Here are some recent revelations about CBD for Ailments:

1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Known by the acronym PTSD, this psychiatric disorder can occur in individuals who experience or witness a traumatic event. Although most commonly associated with war or combat, PTSD can also be the result of a natural disaster, rape, terror attacks, or a serious accident. It affects approximately 3.5 adults, and researchers say that one in 11 people will suffer some degree of PTSD in their lifetime. Often, it isn’t even the result of an event happening directly to the sufferer; it can occur, for instance, when someone learns that a loved one has died violently or unexpectedly.

Two of the major symptoms of PTSD are anxiety and stress, which just happen to be in the wheelhouse of what CBD is known to relieve. Cannabidiol, particularly when derived from hemp, can be safely used for children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women, none of whom are exempt from the possibility of PTSD. Whether derived from THC-heavy marijuana of CBD-laden hemp, the cannabinoids activate the nervous system receptors that modulate the release of neurotransmitters–which are sort of chemical messengers–that include an increase in pleasurable feelings and the alteration of memory processes. In short, CBD can keep the nightmares from replaying over and over again.

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2. Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a disease of the central nervous system that causes the body’s immune system to mistakenly attack the myelin sheath that protects nerve fibers, causing a disruption of the signals between the brain and the body. The results are quite often disabling, and no cure has yet been discovered.

Research suggests that Cannabis in general and CBD, in particular, can help slow down the degenerative process of the disease. Cannabinoids influence the immune system’s regulation through the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system. In a survey of MS patients, responses reported a reduction in chronic extremity pain, tremors, fatigue, double vision, spasticity, and even emotional dysfunction. Many states have approved the use of medical Cannabis for the treatment of MS, and several others authorize the use with appropriate medical supervision.

It should be noted that there is some evidence that reports users of street Cannabis scored lower on cognitive function than the patients using medical CBD.

3. Cigarette Addiction

Although it seems unlikely, using a CBD vapor inhaler seems to lessen the craving for nicotine. Yes, smoking to keep from smoking. In a double-blind study, subjects were given an inhaler with either CBD or a placebo, and they were instructed to take a drag each time they craved a cigarette. After a week, the CBD inhalers had smoked 40 percent fewer cigarettes, while the tobacco intake of the placebo puffers remained the same. Interestingly, the CBD inhalers had a reduced desire for cigarettes, but the craving for nicotine did not increase as it often does with tobacco substitutes.

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4. Acne

Acne vulgaris, as it is aptly named, is the scourge of many people of all ages, and is the most common of human skin diseases. Despite exhaustive experimentation over past decades, science has yet to come up with a fully effective way to stop the inflammation, sebum overproduction, and unwanted sebocytes that create acne.

While THC can increase oil production in the skin and exacerbate acne, CBD does the opposite. Applying CBD topically to the skin helps kickstart the endocannabinoid receptors and help to achieve a proper chemical balance. Hemp and Cannabis oils also contain linoleic acid, which reduces the production of skin oils.

CBD is a known anti-inflammatory agent, and as such reduces the redness and prominence of blemishes.

5. Insomnia

No question about it, one of the side effects of CBD is that it makes you tired or sleepy. THC can keep you awake, but CBD-heavy strains of medical marijuana and extracts from hemp can send you off to dreamland without the risk of a morning drug hangover or developing a sleeping pill addiction.

While recreational and medical marijuana is cultivated to have the highest concentration of THC possible in order to induce the sort of euphoria associated with a pot high, CBD derived from hemp contains only negligible traces of THC. Studies show that a good-sized dose of hemp CBD without THC is a more effective sleep aid than high-THC marijuana.

Okay, so this one probably won’t come up often, but it turns out that CBD can halt the progression of prions, the culprit proteins that cause the neurodegenerative disease known as Mad Cow. The human variant is vCJD and is contracted by eating meat from an infected cow. A Journal of Neuroscience study showed that the formation and accumulation of prions were prevented by CBD.

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As medical and recreational Cannabis continues its climb up the popularity and respectability charts, more and more studies and clinical trials will be forthcoming about CBD for ailments. Although pharmaceutical companies continue to vie for the discovery of the next big cure, it just may turn out that a natural remedy for the many diseases that plague human society has been growing right outside all along.

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