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CBD and Yoga – Could it improve your practice?

CBD and yoga


CBD and Yoga

Humans have been practicing yoga for thousands of years. While yoga comprises exercises for the body, mind, and soul, we mostly think of the physical movements, or yoga asanas, when we talk about modern day yoga practice. If you’ve been working on your yoga expertise for a while then you know that it can be a long road to a peaceful practice. Sometimes your body just doesn’t feel quite right, sometimes a certain pose can really trip you up (physically and mentally!), and sometimes you’re just not in the right headspace to keep going. However, CBD, or Cannabidiol, could provide you with the perfect solution to enhance your yoga practice.

So what exactly is it?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants. The “non-psychoactive” part means that it won’t get you high like many other cannabinoids. Instead, CBD is a naturally occurring supplement that helps to stop inflammation, anxiety, and pain in its tracks. You can take it in plenty of different forms. The most common is probably CBD oil, which can be added into water, food, or taken as a tincture. There are also CBD foods like chocolate and gummy bears, CBD vaporizers, CBD aromatherapy sprays, and hemp CBD massage oils. The options are pretty much endless.

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How can it help my yoga practice?

Well for one, there are lots of similarities between yoga and CBD. They are both useful for creating balance in the body and mind, and both are totally natural. Many yogis who use CBD oil mention that it helps to create a physical and mental equilibrium that makes them feel strong and stable throughout their practice. They also note that it stops the uncomfortable “monkey mind”, or that annoying intrusion of thoughts that makes it impossible to focus on the practice ahead of you. For this reason, CBD products from hemp can help massively when your yoga practice is part of an otherwise busy day. This handy cannabinoid can help to calm your mind and get you ready to focus.

On a physical level, CBD helps to loosen your muscles and prevent injury during tricky yoga poses. This can allow you to push your yoga practice further so that you’re always progressing at the right pace. CBD also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects which help you recover before your next session on the yoga mat.

When do I use it?

The most common way to use CBD to enhance your yoga practice is by taking a few drops of a CBD oil before you get on the mat. This will help to ease your mind and loosen up your muscles so that you can really get the best results from your yoga session. You could also try taking a CBD supplement during your last meal before your practice. Alternatively, you can incorporate CBD into your regular routine in a variety of ways and just wait to see the effects on your yoga practice and the rest of your day. The path to yoga mastery is long but you can get there a little easier with the help of CBD!

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