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CBD and Pain: What you need to know

CBD and pain


CBD and pain

Thousands of American adults live with daily pain, and many find no relief from over-the-counter or even prescription medications. If you experience pain on a regular basis, there may be a remedy. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a substance found in marijuana. It does not contain THC, the part of marijuana that causes a high, but it can stop pain.

Living with pain can be a frustrating and difficult experience, causing suffers to miss out on planned activities and important events. Many people have found that CBD will decrease or stop the pain caused by many different illnesses and conditions. Learn more about CBD and pain in this article.

What Types of Chronic Pain can be Treated With CBD?

Patients who suffer from chronic pain have reported success with CBD. This includes pain from a variety of sources. A few of the types of pain that can be controlled with CBD are:

• Fibromyalgia
Chronic headaches
• Neuropathy
• MS
• Back pain
• Unexplained pain

How Does CBD and Pain Work?

CBD interacts with proteins in your brain called brain receptors. These receptors use chemicals to send signals to cells throughout your body. CBD can stop receptors from sending signals for pain.

Another way that CBD helps control pain is by acting as an anti-inflammatory. People who endure pain caused by arthritis or other conditions that inflame tissues can experience a significant decrease in pain when that tissue is calmed by CBD.

What Makes CBD a Better Choice Than Traditional Medication?

People suffering from chronic pain have turned to CBD for several different reasons. One is that patients often find that over-the-counter medications don’t work for them or are not as effective over time. People who find themselves taking more and more over-the-counter medications on a daily basis may be worried that they are doing damage to internal organs.

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Other people with chronic pain may have been prescribed potent drugs. Opiates and other prescription painkillers can be addictive and can stop patients from being able to participate in daily activities. Some patients have had addictions in the past and do not want to risk it happening again.

CBD can be an alternative for those people who are uncomfortable taking powerful prescription drugs or who fear that they might become addicted.

Are There Additional Benefits?

CBD and pain is not only helpful for pain relief. It also used to combat emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. This is important because people who suffer from chronic pain often experience mental illness as well.

The struggles involved in living with daily pain can easily lead to depression, which is then often treated with even more prescription medication. People who suffer from chronic pain may also develop anxiety disorders due to the fear of the pain returning or getting worse.

Using CBD can help alleviate pain and treat these problems so often associated with it.

You can reduce or eliminate your chronic pain without having to rely on prescription medications that can become an addiction or leave you in a fog. If you are one of the thousands of people who are dealing with daily pain, CBD may be the answer.

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