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Natural Relief

12 mindfulness practices to stay calm

Our lives are busier than ever, which leaves little time to relax and unwind. Taking five minutes out of your day to de-stress will lead to a happier, calmer you. Here are 12 methods to help your mind and body ...

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Reduce muscle tension with meditation

Modern lives are harried by responsibilities. From raising children to performing at work, anxiety has many opportunities to sneak into life. Frequently, the human body tries to communicate distress to the conscious brain via tension in the muscles. Muscle tension ...

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7 natural allergy relief methods

A huge number of Americans struggle to find the right allergy medicine for them. Constantly trying different medications and never seeming to find one that works the way they want it without any side effects. Well I’m here to tell you ...

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Ease Depression through simple meditation

Depression is something that affects many people. Dark moods, lethargy, general lack of happiness, these are all some of the symptoms of depression. These things can ruin anyone’s day, but luckily they can be avoided. Meditation is a great proven ...

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