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How to Make Your Life a Little Greener

There are many benefits to becoming more ecologically friendly, and make your life a little greener. One of the most convincing benefits of going green is the potential to save some green in the process. On a larger scale, you’ll ...

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5 Great Ways to Stay Fit for Free

Every year we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on gym memberships, exercise classes and workout equipment. But what if you didn’t need any of that? What if exercise didn’t have to cost you a penny? Here are five ...

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Are Smartphones taking over our minds?

How do you feel about your smartphone?  If you’re like many people, you have mixed emotions about it.  Recent studies suggest that Americans are ambiguous about the one piece of technology they use most.  In fact, it seems the more ...

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6 natural ways to improve your outlook!

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems plaguing the average American. Anxiety can take many forms, some worse than others, but they are all a detriment to your quality of life and even those around you. ...

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