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4 Tricks to Getting a Long, Lean Body

If you want to be more physically fit, but not bulky and overly muscular, you are going for the long and lean look. Some people come b this body naturally with proper diet and exercise, but others are prone to ...

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The Sales Pitch For Why Anyone Should Start Yoga

Beginning yoga can mean two things. It can mean a yoga program designed for people just starting to learn yoga, and it can mean making the decision and taking the action to start an individual yoga training program yourself. Of ...

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Three Alternative Steps to Conquering the Pullup

The pullup (along with its close cousin, the chinup) is one of those exercises, like pushups and bench presses, that should be considered a “must-do” for anybody looking to get in shape and build muscle. Although the pullup is an ...

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4 Ways Runners Can Prevent Leg Cramps

There is no way to prevent leg cramps forever. They will eventually happen to everyone who actively exercises. For runners, the legs and the feet take most of the beating, and this is where the cramps happen. Though there is no ...

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