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8 Complete Protein Sources for Vegans

If you’re looking to lose fat and build muscle, you need to consume a lot of protein. The reason why meat is so popular among fitness enthusiasts is that it is a complete source of protein. This means that it ...

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Which Dairy-free Milk Should I Choose?

dairy-free milk

  At one time the only dairy-free milk substitute available in grocery stores was soy milk, but have you noticed the variety of dairy-free options now available? You can choose from milks based on rice, oats, nuts and hemp. According ...

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Have You Heard Of The Kale Trend?

Have you heard about the new Kale trend? Kale is a leafy green member of the Brassica family, one of the cruciferous vegetables well known for their healthy sulfur-containing micro-nutrients. Experts now agree that cruciferous vegetables like kale should be ...

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5 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

When you think about taking steps to improve your diet, one of the first things you think about cutting out is candy and when you think of candy, you think of chocolate. But not so fast! More and more researchers ...

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Are you taking a risk with Aspartame?

Aspartame, an artificial chemical sweetener, is found in soft drinks, gelatin deserts, bakery products, manufactured cookies and cakes, ice cream, and dozens of other common and popular foods. Are you taking a risk with Aspartame?It is marketed under the brand ...

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5 Reasons to Love Onions

Onions are an often-omitted item on hamburgers worldwide.  They tend to have a bad reputation for leaving you with the lingering scent of “onion breath.”  Many people don’t realize, however, that those same stinky onions have powerful health benefits.  Here ...

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7 Benefits From Honey

Honey’s ability to sweeten your food or drink is only a smidge of what it can do. It’s a natural, predigested type of sugar that helps your body in a number of ways. Whether you eat it by the spoonful, ...

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6 Spices That Help Keep Blood Sugar Low

D iabetes is a metabolic condition in which the pancreas does not produce insulin or the body fails to correctly utilize the insulin that is produced. Untreated diabetes can lead to many health problems, including cardiovascular disease, kidney impairment, vision ...

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Best Greens to Mix in a Protein Shake

DDeep in your heart, you know you should be eating more vegetables. But how to get the recommended number of veggie servings each day? If you are an active adult and you try to follow the U.S. government’s food pyramid ...

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