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Cannabis-Derived CBD: Facts, Benefits and Cautions

CBD Oil facts

Facts about cannabis-derived CBD

As medical cannabis and its peripheral products become legal in more and more American states, the health benefits have been analyzed at length. Cannabidiol, known by its acronym CBD, has been scientifically proven to have strong therapeutic and medicinal effects for many health conditions. From anxiety to nausea, seizures to insomnia, the results of CBD therapy have been impressively documented. The best part of all this is the realization that there is a form of it that is 100% legal in all 50 states via the hemp plant, the marijuana plant’s cousin, and it’s showing to be just as effective. So here are some CBD Oil facts, and how can it help you potentially help you.

Will It Make Me High?

Of all the CBD Oil facts it’s most important to define the difference between the chemical compound that is THC, the bit in marijuana that provides the high, and CBD. CBD, which is found in high amounts in the hemp plant, doesn’t get the user high–it is, in fact, completely non-psychoactive, because it doesn’t act on the same receptors, or pathways, as the mind-altering THC. Although many enjoy the high that THC produces and can consume any number of its derivative products with little or no dysphoria, many others find THC to have unpleasant or uncomfortable effects. Taking CBD will relieve many ailments but still allow users to complete daily activities such as driving and doing errands without any debilitating effects. Still, both THC and CBD have been proven to have medical benefits.

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What Conditions Can It Help?

According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies prove that CBD functions as an antiemetic, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral, anti-cancer, anxiolytic and anti-depressant. In layman’s terms, it translates this way: CBD reduces vomiting and nausea, suppresses seizures, combats psychosis, neurodegenerative disorders, tumors, cancer cells and reduces anxiety and depression disorders. In addition, it works for sleeplessness and many illnesses and disorders can be greatly relieved by sleep.

How to Take CBD

CBD can be found as a concentrated oil in an oral syringe, capsules, tinctures in a dropper bottle, or in vapable form, but be very the delivery method that offers the greater possibility of side effects. Some find administering CBD through vaping has almost immediate effects but the most popular way is usually via capsules or tincture.

Whichever form you choose, just be sure to read the instructions and recommended dosage. Even with this in mind, it’s important to point out that you cannot “overdose” on CBD as it does not produce psychoactive effects. It is proving to be a very safe, beneficial, and popular natural supplement.


Check the source of your CBD. Although synthetic single-molecule CBD is marketed on the Internet without regulation, whole-plant, high-resin CBD extracts are shown to be the most effective and are readily available for consumers via our highly recommended source HERE.

Vape oil CBD products may contain a thinning agent that helps the oil pass through the vape pen. Do not use a product that contains propylene glycol; this additive produces formaldehyde, a dangerous carcinogen.

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The Law

The medical marijuana laws are constantly changing, so be sure that you know what your options are in your state. In some states, cannabis is totally legal, in others it is only legal for medical use, in some states possession is a misdemeanor, at least one state it is legal only for seizures and in still others it is “decriminalized,” which qualifies it as a civil offense. These laws generally apply to both THC and CBD as well as other forms of cannabis.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, the safest, quickest, and easiest way to try CBD is by purchasing it from a supplier who is legally extracting it from the hemp plant. We did a research piece you can find HERE that looks a few of these companies and we recommend our favorite company.

It is important to research both legal and medical implications of CBD before embarking on self-medication. Consulting a medical professional is advisable and reading the labels before your purchase is vital. As with any medication, proper use and dosage will get you the best results. We hope these CBD Oil facts have helped you.

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