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Can You Prevent Seizures with CBD?

Prevent seizures with CBD


Prevent seizures with CBD

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a compound of the cannabis plant that has gone from obscurity to forging a new path to wellness for millions of ailing people around the world. Touted as having antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, and anticonvulsant properties (to name a few), CBD has grabbed the attention of medical researchers who have been hard at work to unlock the potential of this promising compound.

What’s The Difference Between CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana?

Studies conducted as far back as 1975 have shown that CBD oil is effective in treating a myriad of illnesses in adults and children. While some might be taken aback that doctors would recommend a component of cannabis to children, keep in mind that CBD oil is created from the male cannabis plant which does not produce mind-altering effects when ingested. The cannabidiol in CBD oil is the active ingredient that provides the therapeutic effect desired by patients. This compound is non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t get you high. CBD oil has more cannabidiol than recreational or medical marijuana which means that the therapeutic activity is far less present in recreational and medical marijuana. CBD oil is a product that provides the patient with an effective treatment that preserves their cognitive clarity, and it seems you can prevent seizures with CBD.

What Does The Science Say?

Research suggests that CBD oil is effective in reducing the occurrence of epileptic seizures, and actually can prevent seizures, in subjects who were treatment-resistant and those who were already taking anticonvulsants. CBD oil is regarded as a breakthrough treatment for those who suffer from treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy because many sufferers claim that CBD oil is the only thing that has relieved them from seizures. Others find that using CBD oil with their regularly prescribed medication increases the efficacy of the medications, thus reducing or sometimes even completely eliminating the occurrence of seizures.

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Are You Sure About That?

The only thing concerning about the use of CBD oil, especially in children, is the quality and concentration of the oil by the manufacturer. If a patient needs a precise dose of CBD oil, using an inconsistently produced oil may change the dosage by fluctuating the concentration of CBD in the suspension. To protect against this, know your manufacturer and purchase from a reputable source. You can learn more about quality USA grown and formulated CBD products in an article we published here.

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