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Can CBD Help Treat Tobacco Addiction?

Every year more and more people are looking to quit smoking cigarettes. However, even with traditional treatments such as patches and gum or with more novel treatments such as vapes or e-cigarettes, many peoples are still struggling to quit. Interestingly, some research has indicated that cannabidiol (CBD) may be able to help people deal with their tobacco addiction.

How Does CBD Help Fight Tobacco Addiction?

There has been much research recently into CBD’s uses for treating all types of addiction. One of the areas that has specifically been looked into is tobacco addiction. In a study conducted about tobacco addiction, CBD seems to have been effective at reducing the number of cigarettes smoked by users on a daily basis. Smokers who wished to quit but were still actively smoking were given a CBD spray administered through an inhaler. They were then told by researchers to use the inhaler whenever they felt like they needed to smoke. It should be noted that researchers did not tell them to try to stop smoking, simply that they should use the inhaler when they felt that they needed to smoke. This can make it hard to compare the efficacy of this study to other methods of quitting smoking, where researchers may tell subjects to actively try to quite smoking. With this in mind, the results of the trial were still quite impressive. In the group that was given a CBD spray, there was a 40% reduction in the number of cigarettes they smoked during the week. Comparatively, those who simply received a placebo saw no change in the number of cigarettes they smoked in a week.

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The Potential Benefits of Using CBD

This study was a short-term study, and after three weeks without CBD, those who had been given the CBD inhalers had returned to their original smoking levels. Hopefully more long-term studies will be conducted to look more thoroughly into CBD’s uses in regards to tobacco addiction. But at the same time this study does show some promise. If smoking is reduced while patients are actively taking the CBD, then CBD may prove to be effective on the long-term if it is continually used. This could be good for two reasons. The first reason is that this could make it easier for a person to quite altogether. Perhaps by slowly smoking fewer and fewer cigarettes with the help of CBD, a person could wean themselves off of cigarettes, or they might be able to use CBD in conjunction with another method to help fully take themselves off tobacco. The second reason is that even if the person cannot fully stop smoking cigarettes, just reducing the number that they smoke each day can have very real health benefits. Cigarettes contain carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Simply reducing the number of cigarettes smoked can increase life expectancy and quality of life. That alone may be enough for some people to try CBD as a way to deal with their tobacco addiction.

Where Should Patients Get Their CBD?

We wrote a great article about how and where to get quality USA grown CBD products and you can access the article here. Ultimately it comes down to the individual to decide where they should get their CBD. Cannabidiol comes from cannabis plants. However, not everyone knows that marijuana is not the only type cannabis plant. Hemp is another plant that also comes from cannabis. Marijuana tends to contain higher levels of THC than levels of CBD and tends to have more THC content than hemp. THC is the chemical that is responsible for the high feeling marijuana gives, and while some people may enjoy this high, many people may actually want to avoid it, especially if they are just trying to use CBD to help with their tobacco addiction. This means that marijuana might not be the best choice for some users. Hemp may be a better option for people wanting to avoid getting high, especially since the THC content in hemp is so low that one pretty much cannot get high off of it.

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It is regrettable that there are still so few clinical trials about CBD and tobacco addiction. Only by doing more trials and research will the medical community learn how to most effectively use CBD to treat tobacco addiction. Even still, the early experiments do show promise. While CBD might not be a miracle cure that will end someone’s tobacco addiction overnight, it does certainly seem that CBD might be able to offer some help.

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