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8 Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress

Sometimes, modern life seems to have been designed specifically to cause stress and tension. Today, there are multitudes of people in need of stress relief. Instead of turning to prescription drugs or self-medication, natural methods for treating stress are a better idea. Here are the seven best ways to naturally relieve stress.

1. Exercise

Movement is natural and healthy. While exercise may put your body under intense strain, it also allows your mind to relax and let go of its worries. Plus, a good workout releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood boosters. After exercising, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride — and you’ll be calmer and more at peace with your life, too.

2. Sleep

A good night’s sleep is probably the best way to handle stress. Bad quality or insufficient sleep will leave a person tired, irritable, and unable to focus the next day. Since stress itself disrupts sleep, bad sleep and stress can form a vicious cycle. Try to get better sleep by going to bed and waking up on a regular schedule, turning off all electronic screens in the evening, and avoiding large meals and caffeine late in the day.

3. Disconnect

Without moments of peace and calm, away from any technological devices, relaxation is impossible. Over-stressed people should set aside a few hours every day to turn off their phones, unplug their laptops and actually engage with the real world. No one except a doctor needs to be “on call” every minute of every day. You can’t be truly relaxed with a buzzing cell phone in your pocket.

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4. Reduce — or eliminate — caffeine consumption

Not everyone will benefit from the elimination of caffeine from their diet. However, caffeine can cause nervousness, jitters, anxiety and an upset stomach, all of which only exacerbate stress. While caffeine can also aid mental clarity, alertness and focus, these benefits might not be worth it for people who struggle with stress.

5. Be more organized and disciplined

More than anything else, chaos and confusion precipitate stress. Worry and anxiety are natural responses to disorder. Those who are prone to stress should make concrete plans and set goals for each day. At home, a tidy, neat house will promote a feeling of calm and peace. If everything is in its proper place, life will run more smoothly.

6. Share with others

Those with the worst symptoms of anxiety and stress are often closed off emotionally or socially isolated. Sharing frustrations, disappointments and worries with others is an important part of mental and emotional health. Everyone needs to vent sometimes. For people with more serious emotional difficulties, visiting a professional therapist may also help.

7. Go outside

Closed-off, narrow buildings, where only artificial light shines, can engender stress. Unnatural conditions such as these create feelings of pressure. Sunlight is necessary for good health, while staying inside all day has been associated with depression — so step outside. Venturing out into nature will distract you from your stress and help you to properly contextualize the problems that plague you.

8. Take vitamins and supplements and natural remedies

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There is no doubt that certain vitamins and minerals can help relieve stress, like vitamin B, magnesium, Vitamin C and others. But you can also add great natural stress remedies like passion flower and chamomile to your diet.

In addition, CBD (Cannabidiol) oil from the hemp plant has proven to be an incredible stress reliever as well, and thousands of people are reporting that CBD oil is very effective on stress. To learn more about CBD oil and what it can do to help reduce stress check out this article on CBD here.

Getting rid of stress isn’t just about feeling better, important though that is. Excess, chronic stress damages health, contributing to conditions like heart disease, anxiety, hypertension and depression. If you are suffering from stress, see if the seven ways to naturally relieve stress described above will help.

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