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8 Herbs for Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Lowering Blood pressure naturally


According to the Centers for Disease Control, 32% of adults in America suffer from hypertension. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to a host of complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and more. Unfortunately, many cases of hypertension aren’t properly controlled, placing individuals at risk. If your hypertension is uncontrolled by medication and you’ve attempted to modify your diet and exercise more, then you might want to try herbal medicine. Here is a list of eight herbs that may be used in addition to prescription medications for lowering blood pressure naturally:

CBD (Cannabidiol): CBD is probably the most important breakthrough in natural healing in over a century, maybe longer. With CBD your body has a better capacity to heal itself as the concentrated cannabinoids in CBD help to reduce oxidative stress and also help the cardiovascular system. This along with the huge boost to the immune system makes CBD a potent healing force for high blood pressure. In addition, because you can get potent CBD from hemp it’s legal in all 50 states

Cinnamon: Cinnamon tastes great in both sweet and savory dishes, and has been shown to lower blood glucose levels as well as blood pressure. If you can’t sprinkle enough on your oatmeal and other cuisine, you can take cinnamon in pill form. The usual dose is 1,200 mg a day, in divided dosages. If your blood pressure has been extremely elevated, adding magnesium (500 mg) to your cinnamon regime can be as effective as prescription blood pressure medications, according to studies.

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Garlic: This delicious herb that is used to flavor numerous dishes has many medicinal properties, including lowering blood pressure. The active ingredient in garlic, allicin, is responsible for its health-promoting effects. If you’re unable to consume enough raw garlic in your diet to lower your numbers, taking between 600 and 900 mg in supplement form on a daily basis should suffice.

Hawthorn: Hawthorn improves many health conditions, and regulating blood pressure is one of them. It improves both low and high blood pressure by widening blood vessels, increasing the volume of blood being pumped out and improving transmission of signals to blood vessels. Between 160 and 1,800 mg each day, in divided dosages is recommended. You should start with the lowest dose possible, and then increase slowly until you see results.

Celery seed: It’s easy to toss celery seed into salads, stews, soups and more. Doing so is another way to lower your blood pressure, if consumed on a regular basis. If you prefer, you can juice entire stalks of celery, or take it in supplement form. Celery seed supplements are inexpensive, and 500 – 1000 mg 3 times daily is an average dose for blood pressure management.

Cat’s claw: Cat’s claw is an ancient Chinese herb has been used for centuries to treat various ailments, with hypertension being top on the list. It regulates the calcium channels, which lowers blood pressure. You can drink this herb in tea form, but if you prefer, 1000 mg can be taken 2 – 3 times a day, in supplement form.

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Ginger: Ginger is a strong and popular spice that not only tastes great, but it also lowers blood pressure. It relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels, and also normalizes blood circulation. Ginger can be added to smoothies, soups, desserts, freshly-squeezed juice recipes, and more. If taking supplements is easier, 2,000 mg daily, in divided doses, should be sufficient.

Hibiscus: This herb works similarly to ACE inhibitors, by deactivating the angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is responsible for blood pressure deregulation. In addition, hibiscus draws excess water from the body, lowering blood pressure in the process. Drinking 3 cups of tea made from this herb daily is sufficient for treatment of hypertension.

Taking the right herbs can be a great way for lowering blood pressure naturally, even in the most stubborn cases. However, you should never modify or stop taking your blood pressure medication without a doctor’s authorization. Doing so could result in your blood pressure spiking, which could lead to complications. Your doctor will determine if and when your medications need to be discontinued.

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