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7 natural allergy relief methods

A huge number of Americans struggle to find the right allergy medicine for them. Constantly trying different medications and never seeming to find one that works the way they want it without any side effects. Well I’m here to tell you that overall health can make a huge difference when it comes to allergies! and there are many natural and healthy remedies that can help you make it through the thick of allergy season!

These are a few of the tried and true home allergy relief methods. Keep in mind not all of these work for everyone, so it’s best to try at least a few of these to see which one (or ones) work for you.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can reduce mucous production and cleanse the lymphatic system, which is great to help reduce your allergy symptoms. This stuff is also used for a myriad of different things like aiding digestion, and even helping in weight loss, so it’s worth a try either way.

  1. Quercetin

This natural bioflavonoid helps in controlling histamine from cells by helping stabilize them. It also reduces inflammation from its antioxidant effects. Start taking Quercetin about 4-6 weeks before your allergy season to help prevent your allergy symptoms

  1. Nettle leaf

As many of you allergy sufferers know, the worst of your allergy symptoms are caused by your body’s production of histamines in reaction to specific allergens. Well, nettle leaf is very effective at reducing your body’s production of histamines. Basically, you could say it’s a natural antihistamine. This stuff can be made into tea or a tincture, but dried nettle leaf capsules are the best and easiest option for allergy relief

  1. Probiotics
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The bacteria in your gut plays a vital role in the function of your body’s immune system. if your immune system isn’t optimal, it can easily result in increased reactions to allergens. There is a lot of research out there that links the presence of good gut bacteria with reduced instances of allergies.

  1. Local honey

I’ll go ahead and say that there isn’t a lot of science behind this one. But the anecdotal evidence is pretty overwhelming. The idea is that consuming honey made by bees in your local area, will contain the same pollen that is causing your allergic responses. This in turn will build up your immunity to that specific allergen. It may or may not work, but hey, honey tastes pretty good, why not try it?

  1. Having a healthy diet

Sometimes a lot of our ailments fall back to just not getting all of the vitamins and nutrients we need or consuming unhealthy foods. Fix up your diet and start eating clean and see if that doesn’t work wonders for your allergies!

  1. CBD Oil from hemp

Miracle CBD oil is all over the news lately and we found this to be one of the best allergy relief methods…with many of our test subjects experiencing real allergy relief almost immediately. In addition, this didn’t just help for a little while, but in many cases changed how people reacted to allergens. To learn more about the best CBD oil we know of visit and learn more… They offer an affordable high quality brand of CBD oil under the CannazALL™ brand. 

We hope this article will help you find relief from your allergy problems. Follow our advice and let us know… Thanks!

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