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6 Tips for Keeping your Dog Calm During a Thunderstorm

Dogs aren’t very fond of thunderstorms. They can become scared and upset when they hear loud thunder or see bright lightning. Dogs are more sensitive to air pressure than humans and they can often sense a storm coming a long time before it arrives, meaning that they can start to feel anxious before a storm starts.

You may want to cuddle your dog and provide comfort during this difficult time. However, this will only reinforce your dog’s anxious feelings. Instead, follow these tips for keeping your dog calm during a thunderstorm.

Your Feelings

Dogs are very good at picking up on human emotions. Therefore, it’s important that you stay calm during a thunderstorm. If your dog senses that you are feeling anxious, it will only make him feel worse. Remember that it’s only a thunderstorm and they often pass quickly.

Safe Areas

Provide a safe and enclosed area for your dog to sit out the storm. This will help to create an environment that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Keep doors, windows, and curtains closed. You should turn on the TV or put some music on to dull out the sound of thunder during a storm. Putting a blanket over your dog when he’s laying down will help him to calm down.

If your dog lives outside, make sure that he has a covered kennel where he can stay safe until the storm passes.

Keep Doors Closed

On top of providing a safe area for dogs, keeping doors closed will also protect people. When a dog feels anxious or scared, they can become unpredictable. It’s possible that your dog may run away or even attack people. If feeling stressed and anxious, your dog may also become aggressive.

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A worried or scared dog may urinate or defecate on the floor. It’s important that you are patient with your pet during a storm and don’t make a huge deal about any accidents. If your dog does have an accident, clean it up quietly and calmly.


If you notice that your dog is becoming anxious, try to distract them with an activity that they enjoy. Get their favorite toy or ball and play with them. As the storm continues, you may not be able to keep their attention away from the storm, but you can gradually postpone these feelings. If your dog begins to act scared, you should stop playing so that you don’t inadvertently reinforce anxious behavior.

Natural calming remedies

There are many all natural remedies to help our frightened four-legged friends and some of them are very effective. Most notably are new products like the Thundershirt, products with… Chamomile Flower, Ginger Root, L-Theanine, Tryptophan, and a cannabis-based remedy called CBD. CBD is very effective in humans for all anxieties and it also works the same way for all mammals as well. Check out this article on the exciting benefits of CBD oil for you, and your precious pet!

If you have tried many things to reduce your dog’s fear and nothing seems to be working, then you should consult a vet or animal behaviorist. They will be able to provide advice about the best way to deal with your pet’s anxiousness.

Storms can be very traumatic times for dogs and some dogs can become very scared. They could hurt themselves or even the people around them. Try to keep your dog calm during a storm and gradually they’ll learn that thunder and lightning are nothing to worry about.

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