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5 Tips for Aging Gracefully (and a Bonus Tip)

Aging is a process that sneaks up on quite a few people. For example, you may look in the mirror one morning and hardly recognize the face staring back at you. There are many ways to age, and aging gracefully is something that many folks strive for. It is often easier said than done, so here are five tips to with aging gracefully  and to help you stay classy as you age.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

No matter if you are younger or older, drinking water seems to be universal advice. As you age, optimal hydration is essential for the health of your body and skin. It can also help you stay at a good weight. If you already drink lots of water, then you have a huge head start!

2. Nourish Your Skin

If possible, start early in life to nourish your skin. Use sunblock when you are out, for example, and wear hats. Later on, you can add age control skin care products to your routine. The good news is that whatever your skin type, budget and lifestyle choices (perhaps you prefer organic, for one thing), there are many products to meet your needs.

3. Have Fun

Gracefulness really is a state of mind; what happens inside is reflected externally. So, have fun, laugh, socialize, and find new experiences. They don’t have to be every day, but try for every once in awhile. As long as you are young inside, your eyes will twinkle, and the laugh lines on your face will charm. Challenge yourself mentally, and you are in good shape to age gracefully.

4. Exercise

One great way to have fun is through exercise. Aim for a minimum of 3o to 45 minutes three days a week. People who never tried activities such as biking, ping pong or dance report discovering them later in life and loving them. Experiment. Even Pokemon Go could be your thing!

5. Do You

You should do you, 100 percent. For instance, if you have always been a bold dresser, do not let age or stereotypes stop you from continuing.

Bonus Tip: Start a CBD Regimen

If you haven’t yet heard of CBD oil, or Miracle Oil, as many have named it, then you’re not alone as less than 10% of the public knows about this amazing breakthrough in health and well-being. CBD (Cannabidiol) derived from Hemp has been shown to help with virtually every ailment known to man and also have regenerative properties as well. CBD seems to boost the endocannabinoid system in the body which is part of the immune system, and this is the science behind what could be the most important breakthrough in natural healing in more than a century.

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Aging gracefully must start from within. The main thing to keep in mind is that growing older is not a reason to stop socializing and to stop challenging yourself. Keep on being yourself.

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